Why Bother With Blogs and What to Write

The reason, from an SEO point of view, is to increase traffic to the web site, not just the blog you have written. This is achieved in many ways:-


Writing Blogs - What and When

Writing Blogs – What and When

  • By creating more content, Google will give the site quality a positive boost (that is the site is seen not to be stagnant)
  • The actual creation on the content, as long as it is good enough, will attract links and be shared, this is the very best outcome, but is hard to get too, as there is so much competition in any but the smallest of niches
  • Actual traffic (to the blog in question) can be achieved by targeting long tail keyword searches, or time sensitive subjects, or a unique version of a primary keyword phrase (eg ‘the best insolvency practitioners’)

The overall aim is to become an authority site for that niche or topic, thus increasing the number of repeat visitors, and creating a site that people love and want to visit multiple times a day.

The aim therefore is to create high quality, magazine level content, it being better to create one of these a month, than four poor ones.

I hope that this short article helps

(By the way, in case you have spotted that this is a short article and therefore does not actually ‘fit in’ with the idea of quality blogging, it’s sole purpose being to give my readers a very quick synopsis about the reason behind writing blogs).