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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it can be difficult to stand out from the rest. This is particularly the case for a small web design business, one man business coach, copywriter etc.

Their problem is that they only cover one small part of what their client’s need.

For instance, SOM make a point about not doing any Web Design at all. Why?, well simply because that is best done by the professionals who provide that service every day.

As this is their speciality, they can keep up with all the changes and can therefore provide an excellent service in this field, just like we can for Search Engine Marketing.

The same goes for copywriters and other ‘service’ providers. In all cases they are great at their jobs but can, at times, struggle against a competitor that can DO IT ALL.

This is an important fact as in many cases, what businesspeople want is for someone else to ‘take away their pain’ and handle everything for them. That way they can concentrate on doing what they want to do in their business / personal life. What they don’t want is to have to manage lots of different contact points and suppliers as that is just too much hassle…

Thus a small business like SOM finds itself in a quandary. We cannot (and do not want to) supply web design services ourselves, nor do we want to become business coaches. BUT, we want to win business from clients who want / supply these services as so often if they need/have a website, they will also need it optimised (so it can get lots of traffic).

Likewise, a business coach or a copywriter has clients that need help with their business. This could be a new website or help with their Social Media. In such cases they cannot help (as it is not what they do), BUT, if they ‘partner up’ with other small businesses that do offer these services, they cannot only make some extra money (in the form of commission) they can also ensure that their customer is ‘extra happy’.

Cooperating in this manner also removes the risk of say, a copywriter’s client using a website design company that then ‘poaches’ the job of writing the copy.

There are therefore many benefits of working together and with this in mind, I would love to speak with any company that wants to join forces.

SOM does not just know what to do, we also know WHY we are doing it…

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