Tram Inn Garage – Case Study – Done For You Service

The website for the Tram Inn Garage was the first Serendipity set up under our new ‘All Done For You Service’.

We call it Done for You as we not only do the SEO work, but also set up a website and can carry out such services as Social Media postings, some of these services being provided via a ‘partner’ business.

In this instance, the WordPress website theme was set up by Sally Newcomb of Once the theme was installed, we then added all the words and images and from 18th February started the SEO works. We had made sure the Google My Business account was working first of all of course, this providing traffic from Day 1.

Tram Inn Garage is a family and son business, and together they have over 50 years of experience in the motor trade.

They can fix just about any car or vehicle problem, but their real passion is the restoration of old and classic cars. They have extensive experience in this area and have restored a number of classic cars over the years. One of the latest was a Datsun 240Z 432, quite a rare beast indeed.

Besides this car, they have restored an E Type Jaguar, Bentley’s, Land Rovers, Mini’s and many more.

More information on their services can be found on their website and more details of the SEO work and the success in increasing traffic (from Zero) will be published later.


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