Social Media Optimisation Services

Social Media Marketing and Optimisation Services

These days all the buzz is about the area of Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the various ‘Bookmarking’ sites like Stumbleupon and Reddit all becoming hot topics of discussion.

The ‘power’ of this area is ever increasing and the fact that Google and Bing are making overtures to Twitter and Facebook (and that Google has bought Youtube) are just a few of the reasons that no website owner can now realistically ignore these sites in their marketing strategy.

The fact is however that many business people do not have the time or knowledge to operate in this area, and that is just where SOM fits it, we can do what you can’t (or don’t have the time to do) and thus allow you to concentrate on doing what you know the best, running Your business.

SOM’s Social Media services include:-

  • Creating Twiter Accounts
  • Managing Twitter Accounts
  • Posting Tweets
  • Increasing Followers
  • Facebook Business Page Creation
  • Social Media Planning

Packages are available from £100 a month upwards, all being personally created to suit your individual needs.

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Blog Management & Commenting Services

Many businesses have set up Blogs over the past year or so, this being course as they know that these can not only boost their search engine rankings, but also as they increase the likelihood of being found (for long tail searches). A good blog can also increase conversions as people ‘like’ people who help them, and a good blog can certainly do that.

Blogs – the Bridge Between Two Worlds

At SOM we see the blog, correctly hosted using the domain name of the main site (or on a sub domain where this is necessary) as the ‘bridge’ between the ‘New World’ of Social Media (which are after all just blogs, or micro blogging, sites ) and the ‘Old World’ of the Search Engines. I know it seems odd to talk of an ‘old world’ when discussing the Internet, but as you know, things change so very quickly and this is just one element.

Keeping the Blog Updated and Managed

However, as many have found, keeping a blog going can be a real chore (it is said that some 80% of blogs ‘die’ because of this), thus SOM’s blog commenting service has been introduced. Here we not only post blogs, but we can also manage all the comments and promote the blog using various tools. We can even set a blog up for you as well as managing any updates and backups.

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Social Media is very important today, as not only does it bring in traffic but also it helps with Search Engine Rankings

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