Serendipity to Donate £50 to Charity For Every New Customer

Many businesses support a charity, or a number of charities these days. In some cases, their staff will do all sorts of fun raising activities, like sitting in a bath of baked beans, or running 5 miles dressed as a chicken.

At Serendipity we have in the past donated monies to Circus Star, this allowing some children and some families on low incomes or facing other difficulties, to enjoy a bit of fun time at a specially designed circus theme event. We donate once a year and are proud to be able to help.

We have now decided to go one better, and from the start of 2020 (backdated) we are going to donate £50, to another favourite charity, Little Princess Trust,  for every new customer that we gain.

There are few things in life worse than a sick child, and when they also have to lose their hair because of chemotherapy treatments, their world must inevitably become a sadder place.

This is where ‘Littleprincesses’ come to the rescue, proving real hair wigs to children and adults up to 24 years old who have lost their hair through cancer treatment or other conditions.

Again, we are proud to help here, albeit in only a small way.

However, although we think the Littleprincesses organization is a great one, we also appreciate that some of our new customers may have their own favourite charity, and in these instances are happy to donate the £50 to the charity of their choice.

We will be alerting every business that we talk to about our donation offer and will be following this up with emails and postcards that they can hand out to other businesses, that too could benefit from working with Serendipity.

A Press release will be issued sometime in February 2020.


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