Serendipity Online Sales

Serendipity Online Sales is a new division of SOM Ltd, it concentrating solely on selling top quality goods online in the USA.

amazon517 years experience in online sales

We have over 17 years experience in helping businesses to sell their products and services online and have now decided it was about time that we started selling ourselves.

To assist us here, we not only have our vast experience, but also a suite of software that allows us to pick the winners from any set of products.

Our aim is to contact a number of Distributors in the USA, so that we can help them sell their products, a real win win situation.

We always pay up front (no terms being wanted or required) and guarantee never to knowingly sell under the Minimum price set by any manufacturer / supplier. In fact we actively seek such operators out, reporting them to the manufacturer / supplier / E-commerce sites so that they are stopped from acting in this manner.

Our two aims are to:-

  • Set up and maintain close relations with our USA suppliers, ensuring all necessary information is supplied as and when needed
  • To supply only top quality goods to our customers, ensuring that they receive their purchases in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner, at all times providing the highest level of customer service


If you are a wholesaler or distributor in the USA and want to join our growing list of suppliers, please do drop our Managing Director a line on