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Online Reputation Protection & Management

You may not know it, but those Tweets you see all the time are a constant worry to the big companies about today. One example of this was said to have occured when Google integrated Tweets into its Search Engine results. The marketing / public relations department at Starbucks went crazy as they were worried that a ‘bad tweet’ could be shown on the front page, just below the ‘Google Places’ map when people searched for their local coffee bar.

It goes a lot futher than that of course, today businesses have to be aware of bad comments on the many review sites that are around today, not to mention a campaign on Facebook alerting potential customers about something or other?

Then there is Google’s own ‘suggestion box’, which is another story altogether.

Is Google Making Embarassing Suggestions?

Here in 2010 we had a client that had been subject to months of attack, these resulting in some very negative alternatives being made by Google in it’s ‘Suggestion Box’ when typing in a search query based on the clients name. This was embarrising to say the least and no doubt cost them a lot of business. However, I am glad to report that after a number of months of hard dedicated work we reduced the level of these ‘bad suggestions’ by 50% all of them disappearing after a few more months.

Have You Got a Brand to Protect?

Basically, if you have a brand or product to protect, you need to be aware of any negative comments as soon as possible after they have been made, that way action can be taken before the situation gets out of hand. Better still, if you can be seen to be reacting to negative comments in a positive manner, you can get a whole lot of ‘points’ in the eyes of your customers (and potential customers) and that can’t be a bad thing can it?

At SOM we can set up a number of ‘early warning alert systems’ for you, alerting you as soon as we find something that needs attention (we can even take the first steps to resolve the situation if required).

Whatever, if your business finds itself in difficulty then SOM can help.

Do please get in touch.

News Items and Online Press Releases

All the Search Engines prefer to list sites that are seen to be changing (and thus potentially more up to date) than those that appear stagnant.

With this is mind SOM offers not only a Blog Management Service, but also a News Item Service as well as Online Press Releases.

All of them are tailored to meet your uniquie requirements.

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