Pay Per Click Management Services

Pay Per Click Management

Specialising on Google’s Adwords, SOM has a track record of producing winning PPC campaigns and in the turning around of poorly performing campaigns.  All sizes of campaigns can be constructed and maintained, from the smallest to the largest. Microsoft and Yahoo accounts are also set up and managed for customers.

Besides basic campaign construction, SOM can also provide:-

Full analytical support
Squeeze pages
Video & audio landing pages
Full training also provided in order that businesses may set up and run their campaigns in house


Reducing the Costs of Pay Per Click

So you have a Pay Per Click Campaign and it’s costing you too much?

Have you thought of this the other way around?

You see it may be that we should not be looking at reducing the actual £ you spend, but instead make sure that you get more business for your spend?

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Getting the Very Best Return from Your Marketing Spend

Of course, if it’s a simple matter of reducing costs, then yes we can help there too, by making sure we cut the right bits and leave the gems in place, that way for less money you’ll get the same or (or usually with SOM) higher levels of business.

Targeting the RIGHT Clicks

The first issue is to make sure that you are indeed targeting the right keywords, as unless the correct amount of research was carried out, it is very possible that your are, as with that famous dog, “barking up the wrong tree”. Thus the very first thing we do is to make sure that the campaign is built around the RIGHT set of words.

Making Sure the Campaign is Set Up Correctly

The next issue to make sure that the words are being targeted in the right way:-

    1. Are you using all the matching options?
    2. Have you got adverts for each ‘group’?
    3. Are the right words being used in the adverts?
    4. Do visitors land on the right pages in the site?
    5. Are you using all the ways of creating interest?

These are just a few of the questions that SOM will raise and answer for you….

Converting the Visitor

Of course, getting the visitor to the site is only half the battle, you then have to convince them that they are the in right place and that they should stay and look around, and of course do what you want them to do, be it to call you, sign up for a newsletter of buy from your shop.

You see, the “leading of the horse to water” is only a part of the job, you also have to get them to drink, and that is another story, and one that SOM can you help with too.

Analysing What Works and What Does Not

However, before you can know what makes the horse drink, you also have to know what makes them turn away, and that means measuring the success rates for various different landing pages and wording on the website itself.

Then Throw in some Psychology

Yes, once you have some data to work on (known as the ‘original baseline’) you can then start making changes to the whole campaign, in a controlled and scientific way of course, to see what improves conversion rates.

Google Adwords can be a great way of bringing in traffic to a site, BUT it has to be set up very carefully and monitored to ensure that the advertising budget is being used to the best effect.

One question to ask yourself, Are you using ‘Negative Keywords’ in your Adwords campaigns?

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