Online Press Releases

Online Press Releases

In the days before the Internet anyone wanting to get a message out had to curry the favour of the newspapers and other media outlets. You had to sent hundreds of paper press releases out, all in the hope of catching a journalists eye. Of course the big companies employed large agencies that had the ‘contacts’ needed to ensure that their stories were given news / media time, but for everyone else it was just not always possible to get heard.

All Change With the Internet and Web 2.0

Today it could not be more different, anyone can publish their thoughts in a myriad of ways; on their own blog, on other peoples blogs, in their Facebook pages, on Twitter, the list goes on and on.

There is even a whole set of websites that are just for posting online press releases. Some are free, whilst all offer paid services for those wanting better penetration and visibility.

But there is more to an online press release than meets the eye, they do in fact have a number of functions, each one valuable in its own right:-

To Boost Rankings.

All the Search Engines prefer to list sites that are seen to be changing (and thus potentially more up to date), so if you include all your press releases on your site, you will be telling Google that your site is active, as well as giving it some more text to ‘chew’ on.

To Gain Traffic.

You may have heard the statement ‘Content Drives Action’ as any (good) content is likely to be found and a visit made to your site. Thus if the press release is truly interesting, it could well result in visits.

To Improve Off Line Visibility.

With all the cut backs in the newspaper and magazines, journalists can be very hard pressed to come up with a good story for that next edition. It is not surprising that they now turn to the Internet for inspiration, using ‘Keyword Sniffing’ tools to locate stories. If they find your story and it matches their needs you could end up with a lot of coverage, and best of all it will all be FREE.

We have had some major successes here, one resulting in national coverage in the Daily Mirror (for a sky writing firm), whilst another got quite a bit of BBC local radio air time. Another businesses managed to get a large spread in a local newspaper, all from press releases we masterminded.

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Blog Management Services

Many businesses have set up Blogs over the past year or so, this being course as they know that these can not only boost their search engine rankings, but also as they increase the likelihood of being found (for long tail searches). A good blog can also increase conversions as people ‘like’ people who help them, and a good blog can certainly do that.

Blogs – the Bridge Between Two Worlds

At SOM we see the blog, correctly hosted using the domain name of the main site (or on a sub domain where this is necessary) as the ‘bridge’ between the ‘New World’ of Social Media (which are after all just blogs, or micro blogging, sites ) and the ‘Old World’ of the Search Engines. I know it seems odd to talk of an ‘old world’ when discussing the Internet, but as you know, things change so very quickly and this is just one element.

Keeping the Blog Updated and Managed

However, as many have found, keeping a blog going can be a real chore (it is said that some 80% of blogs ‘die’ because of this), thus SOM’s blog commenting service has been introduced. Here we not only post blogs, but we can also manage all the comments and promote the blog using various tools. We can even set a blog up for you as well as managing any updates and backups.

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Press Releases are one of the things that Google REALLY likes and therefore cannot only get a site better rankings, they can also bring in traffic in their own right.

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