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All links are not equal – some are better than others…

As any Search Engine Optimisation professional will tell you, all links are not the same. Putting it simply, some backlinks are seen by the Engines as important and worthwhile while some are just considered as ‘noise’.

There is a huge difference between these two types and in the amount of effort that they take to obtain. Normally it is relatively easy to get links to a site from Blogs, Social Bookmarks and Articles, that is unless any of these are on a’High Value site’.

High Quality Sites Know The Value of Links

From experience we can say that such sites know their value and how much a link from their site is worth, hence fees of £500 a year are not at all uncommon, this fee often standing even if you provide the site with some high quality content like a unique relevant article (to both their site and the target).

Of course there are other ways of getting high quality links, but all of them have one thing in common, this being that they take time to arrange and that success (in getting the link) is by no means certain.

High Quality Links are Not Cheap

With the fact that these high quality links are so expensive to create, SOM also offers a ‘normal’ linking service. The majority of links that are created in this way are ‘low value’, but we have found that as long as the numbers of these links are high enough and that they are created slowly and using the right anchor text and targeting (deep linking being used in all cases) that they do indeed make a BIG difference to a sites rankings.

High & Low Quality Links – The Best Mixture

Of course the best formulae is where High and Low (noise) value links are created to a site, and that is just what SOM aims to do in all cases. However, as stated above, as it takes such a lot of effort (and money) to get / ‘buy’ these links, our Premium Linking service is reserved for those customers who have larger budgets.

Bought Links Are Not Necessarily Bad

Many will no doubt be aware that Google are said to ‘ignore’ links that they know are sold/ bought. However, know one can really know what ones they class as bought, so it makes the decision ‘Do I buy that link?’ more difficult to make.

Here SOM have, we believe the answer, in that if a link is being bought soley for the purpose of backlinks and there is a chance that Google know it has been bought, then that link should not be purchased.

However, if the link is on a high traffic and relevant site then it may well be worth the money simply because it could generate a lot of highly relevant and hence valuable traffic.

Whatever, SOM are there to assist in providing views and advice on the whole area and together we know we will get it right and create the right balances of link types.


Competition Research

When you are trying to beat the competition it makes sense if you understand exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of their linking strategies are. Once you have a list of the links your competition has, you can use this very same data to improve your own linking structure.

SOM’s Competition report provides details of:-

The competitions’ external and internal linking structures
The competitions’ use of SEO on page techniques
Weaknesses that can be exploited
In essence the competitors sites are dissected, thus providing you with the information needed by which to beat it in the Search Engine Marketing arena, it’s ‘Reverse Engineering’ – Internet Style !

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Our reports are carried out by humans, not automated tools, thus providing proper, detailed results and not a lot of meaningless ‘mumbo jumbo.’

“I have tried several SEO companies in the past, all have taken my money and then not delivered any results. Every time they said it was the ‘sites fault’ saying that they had done their best. Graham at SOM seemed to approach the matter differently, making changes to the site as well as weaving his ‘off page linking magic’. The result was a very good improvement in rankings and Traffic. It did not happen overnight, but it did happen.”

I am happy to recommend SOM.

Kevin – Owner – KMX Chauffeurs Ltd

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