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Organic Search Marketing

Organic Search Marketing is all about convincing the Search Engines to list your site for a particular search phrase. These Search Phrases need to be carefully selected as they both have to be relevant and achievable. Relevant so that if a visitor arrives at your site after using such a term that they like what they see (and are thus more likely to buy from you) and Achievable as some terms are just so heavily fought for that trying to get a ranking for them is simply not cost effective.

The selection of the keywords is a part of the Keyword Research and Competitor Research phases (both of which are better done before a site is built). Once the list of targeted keywords have been agreed, the next stage is to incorporate them into the pages of the site in a manner that the Search Engines ‘understand’.

Whereas the Engines run some very sophisticated programmes when assessing what page to rank for what term, they are also quite simple animals in that they have to be ‘fed’ in the right manner. This is because all they can do is to read the words on the pages of a site and what attributes they have. These attributes include:

Header Tags (H1 – H6)
List Items (like this one)
Whether they are in the TITLE of a page
Whether they are in a Link
Alt tags (used with images)
Of the above, the TITLE and Header tags are the most powerful, whilst using a phrase in a link is also very useful for Internal Linking purposes .

The trick is to incorporate the target words in the correct manner, a manner which ‘tells’ the Engines what a particular page is all about in no uncertain terms. This of course means that a page can only cover a limited number of phrases, all of which should be relevant to one another.

We’d be pleased to explain this in more detail to you and better still we’ll do a free health check of your site’s pages so that you’ll know whether they are up to the job or not. Just email us and we’ll do the rest.

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Keyword Research

The most vital stage of any online marketing campaign, whether for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click ( PPC). Best done before a site is built (as this allows the pages to be constructed around the phrases known to be of interest to potential customers – the site thus ends up speaking their language) the keyword research that SOM provides is second to none.

If the site has already been built then the research is still very much valid as it allows for more effective PPC campaigns to be constructed and for special “spider friendly” resource pages to be added to any existing site, as well as for the tuning for any current pages.

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