Keyword Research Services (SEO)

The most vital stage of any online marketing campaign, whether for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click ( PPC). Best done before a site is built (as this allows the pages to be constructed around the phrases known to be of interest to potential customers – the site thus ends up speaking their language) the keyword research that SOM provides is second to none.

If the site has already been built then the research is still very much valid as it allows for more effective PPC campaigns to be constructed and for special “spider friendly” resource pages to be added to any existing site, as well as for the tuning for any current pages.

Please see our case studies for more information.

Over 85% of people looking for something on the Internet turn to the
Search Engines for help.

They start by typing in the words that they think are the “key” to finding the information that they want.

So it stands to reason that if you can find out what people are actually
typing in for items related to your products or services, you can start to plan to capture them.

That is the reason for “Key-word” Research.


Search Engine Optimisation (on page)

Serendipity Online Marketing has a track record of achieving top rankings for sites of all sizes and market sectors, even very new sites (less than 6 months old) have gained first page positions on Google UK when under our care.

At SOM we only use ‘white hat’, ethical techniques, and by attacking the problem of gaining rankings on a broad front, our actions ensure success in the huge majority of cases.

Off Page optimisation services (linking to your site), an essential part of SEO are also provided. Full training, so that SEO can be taken ‘in house’ is also offered.

Please see our case studies for more information

FREE Optimisation Report on Your Website

Just send us an email with your Website Address and we’ll do the rest, our reports are carried out by humans, not automated tools, thus providing proper, detailed results and not a lot of meaningless ‘mumbo jumbo.’

“Although we had been using Google Pay Per Click for some months our analysis of the results showed a marginal return on our investment. Also our web site had not been designed with search engines in mind and as a result our site was practically invisible in the free listings of the Search Engines. For these reasons we turned to Graham at IOM.

The results were startling, our PPC campaigns became effective and cost us less per click, and our site now dominates the engines appearing on page one for a wide range of crucial key phrases.

I am happy to recommend SOM.

Peter Wiggins – Managing Director – Flightdeck

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