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The most vital stage of any online campaign, whether for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click ( PPC) is that of Keyword Research. Best done before a site is built (as this allows the pages to be constructed around the phrases known to be of interest to potential customers)

The keyword research that SOM provides is second to none.

If the site has already been built then the research is still very much valid as it allows for more effective PPC campaigns to be constructed and for special “spider friendly” resource pages to be added to any existing site, as well as for the tuning for any current pages.

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Especially vital in the battle for links, SOM’s Competition report provides details of:-

  • The competitions’ external and internal linking structures
  • The competitions’ use of SEO on page techniques
  • Weaknesses that can be exploited

In essence the competitors sites are dissected, thus providing you with the information needed by which to beat it in the Search Engine Marketing arena.

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Specialising on Google, SOM has a track record of producing winning PPC campaigns and in turning around poorly performing campaigns that others have set up. All sizes of campaigns constructed and maintained. MSN and Yahoo accounts also managed. Besides basic campaign construction, SOM can also provide:-

  • Full analytical support
  • Squeeze pages
  • Video & audio landing pages
  • Full training also provided in order that businesses may set up and run their campaigns in house

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Many businesses have set up Blogs over the past year or so, this being course as they know that these can not only boost their search engine rankings, but also as they increase the likelihood of being found (for long tail searches). A good blog can also increase conversions as people ‘like’ people who help them, and a good blog can certainly do that.

However, as many have found, keeping a blog going can be a real chore (it is said that some 80% of blogs ‘die’ because of this), thus SOM’s blog commenting service has been introduced. Here we not only post blogs, but we can also manage all the comments and promote the blog using various tools. We can even set a blog up for you as well as managing any updates and backups.

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Rather than rely of the use of RSS feeds to sites (which are not unique and cannot always be read by the Engines in any case) SOM provides a service that provides unique news items for any site. Two levels of service are provided, thus covering the needs of those customers who want their site to offer ‘hot news’ (almost as it happens), as well as those that require news to make their site more interesting to the Search Engines and human visitor alike.

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SOM has a track record of achieving top rankings for sites of all sizes and market sectors, even very new sites (less than 6 months old) have gained first page positions on Google UK when under our care. SOM only uses ‘white hat’, ethical techniques, and by attacking the problem on a broad front, avoids the issues caused by the celebrated Google dance. Off Page optimisation services, an essential part of SEO are also provided. Full training so that SEO can be taken in house also offered.

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Blogs, Articles, Forums & On Line Press Releases

SOM’s track record of achievements in the field of SEO owes a lot the methods we use when manipulating the linking strategies of our clients websites. As with on page SEO, SOM uses a variety of methods in the off page optimisation area, thus again reducing the effects of any changes in the Engines rule sets (in fact we often see our results improve). SOM uses the following off page linking methods

  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Articles
  • On line Press Releases
  • Forum Posts , Commenting and Whispering
  • Featured Site Exchanges
  • Link Creation
  • Link Exchange
  • Directory Submissions

An integral part of SOM’s strategic linking services, our article and press release creation service is also available as stand alone packages. Both of these methods are proven to increase both rankings and the stickability of websites

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Getting a potential customer to your website is only half the battle, as you then have to get them to do what you want, be it to buy something, or more often than not, start a conversation with you. This can take some doing, the breaking of the “anonymity barrier” requiring some degree of commitment on behalf of the would be customer. Working with our partners, SOM can provide a whole range of conversion enhancement services, all with one target in mind, to get your customers talking to you.

Working with various partners, SOM can provide you with a range of Newsletter and Email marketing services, these including a fully automated offering (Automated Targeted Marketing). SOM’ s service includes all copywriting and layout, as well as sending and reporting facilities. Full tracking and profiling can also be provided. As with all SOM’s products, we will work alongside any internal resources you have, filling in the gaps as required.

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Over the years of its operation, SOM has encountered many sites that have been built with no regard to the needs of the Search Engines, or for that matter for the needs of the visitor / potential customer.

Whilst it is possible to alter many of these sites after they have been built, it can be a costly affair and in any case will undoubtedly mean paying twice for what should (in SOM’s view) have been provided in the first place. SOM’s “before you sign” service has been designed to ensure that the website construction (especially important in the case of content managed or database driven sites) will meet the requirements of the Search Engines.

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