Making the most of your SEO

Making the most of your website is what all businesses strive for so it is important that you have good SEO implemented. There are many ways of using SEO to boost your site’s ratings with the search engines but it must be done correctly and within the rules.

One of the biggest challenges for any business, not just in the SEO sector, is being able to accurately forecast and measure the size of their market opportunity.

For decades successful businesses have been built, grown, and acquired, partly based on their ability to measure opportunity and work toward attainable forecasts.

Now, not every forecast is 100 percent accurate and that is certainly not the subject of my post today. Developing a discipline of forecasting and using that information to focus on the most attractive value opportunities in the competitive field of SEO puts you, as an agency, independent specialist, or brand ahead of your business competition.

My last post offered some ideas on how to measure ‘Share of Voice’ in order to get ahead of the competition. Now let’s go one step further, talking about search opportunity forecasting and explaining why estimating the future value of SEO matters.

We are in an industry that is 15 years old and growing rapidly. SEO is a $2.2 billion industry, according to the Forrester US Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 to 2016. Hence, if you want people to think of SEO as the critical business function that it is, then it’s only logical to treat it like one. Click to continue reading.

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