Hello and Welcome to my Website

More than likely, you have arrived on this page after clicking the link in my LinkedIn profile, so you already have some idea as to what I do and why I do it?

Hopefully you will have gathered that my aim is to increase the number of visitors to my client’s websites. It has to be the right sort of traffic though, so the whole process is carefully planned and executed.

In essence what I do is to harness the power of Organic Search.

However, as I also work with Agencies, Freelancers and other firms that themselves provide some form of service to online businesses, I am also looking to join with them to create many WIN WIN WIN situations (that is The Customer, The Agency and Serendipity).

Please do browse around the site, particularly the blog where I do my very best to keep everyone up to date with the changes to Google’s Organic Search and Adwords rule sets.

If you think there is a way for us to work together, or you need some help with your own web presence, do contact me as I would really love to have a good chat.

You can call me 01981 259 885, or on ny mobile 07818 423 090 or email me on

And don’t forget about our Free SEO Audit, it really will help you understand where your site is in its journey to more traffic and hence greater profits for your business.

Hope to speak soon


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