Is it time you assessed your online security?


These days most people use the internet whether it is for shopping, social networking or getting information. It is important that you remain safe whilst using the internet and this is inclusive of mobile device users as well. With cybercrime and identity theft remaining a constant threat, are you taking enough precautions to ensure that you stay safe? We all want to be able to use the internet when we want but just take a minute to assess your online security. Have a look at these articles and see if you can improve your security.

Think you do enough to secure your passwords, browsing, and networking? Prove it.

Not all computer security is about tin foil hats and anonymous browsing. Everyone who uses a computer has a horse in the security race. For the purpose of this post, we’re breaking down online security into four essential parts: passwords, browsers, at-home Wi-Fi and networking, and browsing on public Wi-Fi. Within those categories we’ll give you a checklist of everything you should do, from the bare minimum to the tin-foil-hat best.

Think you’ve done your due diligence with your security? Jump to any of the four sections below to see how you stack up (and boost your security where you may be lacking):…More at How Secure Are You Online: The Checklist

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    This is a topic I find quite scary so I was glad to find your blog. Very helpful thanks.

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