Guest Blogging and Google’s New Guidelines

There is quite a bit of chatter about at the moment following Matt Cutt’s statement saying the ‘Guest Blogging is Dead’. As you can imagine, this has led to a lot of head scratching, as Guest Blogging has been used as a substitute for Article marketing (which as similarly seen a ‘don’t bother’ statement by Google) for some time now.

With the above in mind I came across this blog (via an email) and thought it well worth sharing:-

When it comes to guest blogging for SEO, quite a few people are pretty ticked off at Matt Cutts right now. After all, he just declared that guest blogging is a Very Bad Thing for webmasters, and stated that you should stop doing it.


Well, not quite.

Too hear most SEOs talk about it, you’d think that’s exactly what he just said. But Cutts actually made an important (and really not all that subtle) distinction between two different types of guest blogging. Once you know the difference between the two, you can decide for yourself if guest blogging is still a good choice for your business.

The Kind of Guest Blogging Google Doesn’t Like

What kind of guest blogging doesn’t Google like? Here is the short list:

Guest blog posts with “dofollow” links.
Blog posts that involve an exchange of money for dofollow links.
Blog posts that involve an exchange of money for any other contextual links.
Blog posts that in any other way violate Google’s quality guidelines.
Blog posts that pass pagerank (i.e. those with dofollow links, as noted above).

In other words, guests posts done purely for the sake of SEO are straight out. So are any guest posts that simply look like they might be done for pure SEO’s sake.

That doesn’t mean that guest blogs can’t help your SEO anymore. It just means that they won’t do so directly. As you know, Google takes in increasingly more factors when assigning rankings.

So what is guest blogging still good for, and how can it still help your rankings?

They went on to give some more interesting facts (you’ll have to see the full article for this) and also went on to say:-

How to Guest Blog after Matt Cutts’ Proclamation

So how is an honest business person supposed to practice guest blogging in 2014 onward?

Only guest blog with people you already know and trust.
Don’t guest blog with people you barely know.
Don’t guest blog for money, nor let someone else do it.
Don’t engage in the practice with businesses or firms that write to you out of the blue.
Do feel free to add “rel=nofollow” links in your guest posts.
Share via social media.

This last point is becoming increasingly more important. In an age where Google seems to be valuing links less and less, what does it use to count the way readers “vote” with their attention?

I cannot agree more with the latter point, Social Media does seem to be really effective in improving rankings, several of the sites we are working on having seen more sales because of the improved rankings the Social Media signals we have created have delivered.