Facebook’s new tracking app could stir up a whole lot of trouble

If you use your mobile device to communicate with your social media sites, Facebook are in the process of developing an app that can track your location. The idea is that they can target appropriate adverts to your device. However, there are many who think that this is a bridge too far where your privacy is concerned. Of course it will be up to you whether you get the app and then turn it on.

             Facebook is reported to be developing a new mobile app that will track users’ geolocation even while the app isn’t running. It is scheduled for launch in mid-March.

The purpose of the app, according to a report in Bloomberg, is to help users find nearby friends – but it has the potential to do much more, and is the latest in a series of attempts by Facebook to gain traction in – and monetize – the mobile market.

Facebook’s location journey started in 2010 with a product called Places, a location check-in app. A year later it was killed off and replaced by Nearby, an app that combined location with context – but could easily be turned off. But Nearby didn’t last either, and was pulled last summer. “This wasn’t a formal release — this was just something that a few engineers were testing,” Facebook told Wired magazine.

Meanwhile, the company had acquired Glancee. Glancee offered a new direction – Glancee is about ambient social geo-data while Nearby was a check-in app. “We spent a lot of 2012 working to improve the foundation of our mobile products”, a Facebook representative told Read Write. “… Nearby positions us well to offer more location aware features on mobile in the new year.” Click here to continue

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  1. Sonia Beck
    Sonia Beck says:

    Thanks for this info, I had no idea this was happening, who the hell wants their location recorded for anyone to see?

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