Facebook’s new search engine

Facebook has launched a new search feature to its site. This feature allows users to search for goods, services, photos, recommendations or whatever within their social network and will provide information for users to view. The idea being that it keeps visitors on the site rather than having them switch to a search engine for information. Another benefit of this could be that companies whose products or services are being recommended will see a sharp rise in enquiries and/or purchases. If businesses can create a trusted Facebook profile and interact with followers, this could lead to a more prominent profile.

Facebook hopes you’ll use its new social search feature, Graph Search, to find everything from dentists your friends recommend in New York to restaurants they’re talking about in San Francisco. But while the tool appears to be a smart way to glean insights from your connections, experts say it is inherently limited by the amount of useful information shared within a user’s social circle or made publicly available by those outside that circle. That means it may take time—and effort on the part of Facebook users—for it to be truly useful.

Graph Search, which was announced Tuesday and is available to a handful of Facebook’s billion users, allows you to use natural-language terms to quickly search through all the people, places, images, and interests listed in your social network. It also searches publicly available information on Facebook, so a search for “Photos of Paris, France” would show more than just snapshots taken by your friends. And information from the rest of the Web is delivered through a partnership with Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Click to read on


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