Facebook and Edgerank

The Power of Social Media

There is a lot of talk on the web today about Social Media and how it is the new SEO, the new way to get traffic to any website. Such talk is perhaps fuelled by the number of businesses that are leaping onto the Social Media bandwagon in huge numbers.

I can say from experience that both Twitter and Facebook can both assist in traffic levels, as well as traditional SEO rankings.

The Difference Between Facebook & Twitter?

There is one difference between them however, as getting the necessary level of Social Signal for a Facebook business to business page is difficult if not impossible, there simply not being the level of interest on Facebook for things like hydraulic jacks or pick up trucks…

But, if you are running a business that sells to the consumer, then both Twitter and Facebook offer a great opportunity, but only if the accounts are handled correctly.

Twitter is much easier to use and to run than Facebook and as there is a fair amount of tools about that allow automation, can be a easy way of bringing a business (B to C as well as B to B) into the ‘light’ so to speak. The main thing to remember is to make sure that you do not just Tweet about your business, but also about the arena the business operates in..

Facebook is a Complex Beast !

Facebook is however a much more complex beast and requires a much more formulised approach.

One of the first things that you have to contend with is the matter of Edgerank as your score here will directly influence the power of your posts. As Edgerank is itself a measure on how good your posts are, getting this right results in a truly virtuous circle, good posts resulting in a higher Edgerank, that in turn leads to more people seeing them, which in turn results in a higher Edgerank and so on.

It is obvious then that you must use Facebook in a manner that produces the best possible Edgerank, which means that you :

Should post frequently (thus reducing the negative influence of the ‘Time Decay’ factor)

Should create posts that appeal to the reader so that they ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ or ‘Share’ them (this increases the positive effect of the ‘Affinity’ factor)

Should write posts that where possible engage the readers enough to Comment on them as this has a higher ‘Affinity’ weight.

Getting this right will increase the Edgerank of a brand and thus cause more and more people to see any post, which if they do engage those readers in the right way WILL increase brand awareness and thus sales. The extra ‘Social Signal’ created also has the added advantage of improving Google results, the impact of all these people ‘talking about’ a brand/domain name being something that they cannot ignore.

Google’s free Analytics offering can offer a really useful insight into how your website is performing. The big problem is that the amount of data it provides can be a wee bit daunting to many, which is why SOM offers a service where by we will ‘decipher’ the data in your analytics so that you know what is going on.

You see, getting those potential customers to your website is only half the battle, as you then have to get them to do what you want them to do, be it to buy something, or more often than not, start a conversation with you. This can take some doing, the breaking down of the “anonymity barrier” that the Internet offers, requiring some degree of commitment on behalf of the would be customer.

However, before you can really start to measure a websites success, you have to set the goals out very clearly. Has your website got clear goals, are the calls to action clear and can that potential customer EASILY do what you want them to do. These are very important questions and in many cases they simply have not been considered.

Conversion Enhancement Services

Working with our partners, SOM can provide a whole range of conversion enhancement services, all with one target in mind, to get your customers talking to you.

Please do ask for examples

So What Makes A Great Facebook Post?

o, the question to be answered is ‘what makes a great Facebook’ post.

Generally, photos and videos are well received, some of course being more ‘likeable’ or ‘shareable’ than others.

Some of course could go viral, but here they have to something really special / funny. However, in some cases brands would not want to have any posts that are considered ‘downmarket’ and in such cases any posts have to be carefully considered.

Interviews or links to items on other websites can also be a winner, it all depends on what your brands market place is about.

Money offers and Events can also cause a lot of interest.

Polls can also be used, but these may not result in as many responses as you think. They are however something to be tried.
The only way of finding out what works for you is to try it (as well of course to have a look at the other players in your market place are doing).

Once you have created a number of posts you will be able to see just how they are received, what ones are best received (shared, commented on or liked) and can therefore tune future posts, a great tool here being edgerankchecker.com

Tuning the subject and content of your posts is one of the main keys to success on Facebook.

Other areas that require careful attention are the time of day gets the highest response rates. Normally the best times are between 8am and 9pm and 5pm and 7pm, but it could be different for your market place, so test and test again.

For more information on Edgerank see www.whatisedgerank.com/

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