Buying Links is Bad – But That Does Not Seem to Stop People Buying Them!

As anyone in the SEO world knows, buying links is frowned upon on the basis that these links have not been ‘earned’ and therefore Google will ignore them.

Does Google Penalise Sites That Buy Links?

Some say that Google even go so far as to penalise those selling the links and those who get them, but I very much doubt that the latter is the case (as it would enable people to get other sites into ‘trouble’ and I just don’t believe that Google would get into this sort of thing, the lawsuits in the USA would be marvellous..).

So, what is the true story here. I must admit to not knowing, as if the stories are true then these links would be worthless, at least ‘linking’ wise, i.e. they would not assist in obtaining that first page ranking on Google that all strive for.

Traffic or Link Juice

But there is another issue here, that of Traffic. After all, that is what people want, relevant high quality traffic to their site, that is why they want that first page place for their keywords. So perhaps then these sites are not selling ‘link juice’ but traffic. That makes more sense and to my mind, makes buying the link worthwhile, whether or not it helps with rankings.

This is the strategy that we follow in our premium link building service, so YES, we do buy links, but only on the priviso that they may help with traffic, just in case they don’t give any linking power.

As for the so called penalties, well, as I menioned above, I just don’t believe that Google for one will downrate a site because it buys links. Sure it might knock down the site that provides them (hence the need to check on a sites rankings and traffic before buying a link) but that is all.

SEO and Scare Stories….

Lets be clear on this, there are a lot of ‘scare’ stories out there in the SEO world. Some may, just be true but some defy logic and I simply don’t believe all that I read and would advise anyone else to do the same (including what I write – check it out and give it some thought before you agree with it).

The latest one comes from a site and a chap that seems to be one of the knowledgeable ones (maybe he knows more than I) and some of the points he raises are good, but he goes on to make some statements about links and how poor quality ones will reduce the overall power of your links as they devalue the goods ones.

Now while I can see some logic in this, I can also some big flaws. First, many of those ‘bad links’ never get noticed by Google (it is reckoned that up to 70% of links are never found) but also and perhaps more importantly, ALL sites have some ‘bad’ links, at least if you rate ‘bad’ as being from a site of low worth.

In fact to me a site with only Good links would be the one to think about knocking off the rankings, as its linking structure must surely be ‘manufactured’.

This possible devaluation also means that you can start to undermine an opponents links by creating links from dubious sources in dubious ways, and I just don’t believe that Google or any other Engine will allow this, at least for long.

Please see the full story at and make your own mind up, but in the meantime please don’t get too worried by what you read.

Rankings and the traffic they bring are not enough

Many people think that making money on the Internet is as easy as 1 – 2  – 3.

After all, so their reasoning goes, all I have to do is

  1. Have a good product or service
  2. Create a website that will sell these goods or services
  3. Get traffic to the site via Rankings on the Engines or some other way (Although if the truth be known, many do not even consider this a requirement, thinking that the traffic will just come in by itself – See our video on Marketing & Mousetraps)

Well the fact of the matter is that for many sites, especially those want to sell online, that there is another mountain to climb. This mountain concerns the matter of trust, for when you are wanting someone to give you money, they must have enough trust in you before they will be willing so to do.

One sure way to throw away any trust is to have a site that looks out of date or when it has a ‘Contact Us’ page that does not work. If a potential customer sees either of these they are likely top get worried.

This was the case when I was looking to buy a toy tank on the web. I found one that looked OK, however the site’s blog had not been updated since 2009 and then the ‘contact page’ did not work. Sure the Paypal link still worked, but would using that do anything other than give my money to someone, someone who I might have great trouble in getting my money back from?

As this was one of the few places to get this item, I perservered and thought I’d look to see if there were any reviews of the site or comments about the service. There was nothing, not a comment to be found on the web.

Having seen all this I dedcided to steer well clear of the site and hence they did not get the order (mind you they might not be there anymore anyway).

Such things could happen to any site IF it does not work correctly or if there are no reviews or comments abouth them anywhere on the web. For me, the total absence of ‘noise’ on the web was more concerning than some negative comments.

I don’t know if I am in a minority here, but I think not, as in my view people want to KNOW that they are dealing with a REAL business and that they are likely to get GOOD SERVICE.

So make sure your site works and GET some NOISE about your site on the Web…

Another ‘Offer’ to get you onto the First Page of Google…..

If I were a website owner and was wanting to get a good ranking on Google these days I’d surely be a bit at sea, there is after all so much to think about and to know. It is, for the uninitiated and unknowing a very difficult situation to be in.

It is not surprising then that ‘enterprising’ businesses come up with some juicy looking offers, and the one from SearchEngineEasy looks just that, very juicy and so cheap too.

I got a message from a client asking me to check it out and  smelt a furry rodent (AKA ‘a rat’) at once.

A quick check with Google resulted in this page being found-

Now I am not saying that SearchEngineEasy are doing anything bad myself, I do not have the facts to say that, but it certainly does look dodgy, at least if MyAlarm is right in what they say.

I’ll leave you to make your own conclusions….

New potential scam 070 mobile numbers

This post has nothing to do with SEO or SEM, but is something that everybody should know about, it being another example of the dangers of the Internet…

It started when I got a strange email –


I have tried calling but got no answer. Can you give me a call.


Peter Mansfield

I thought, ‘strange one that,  never heard of this chap, better check the number in Google’

So I did and came up with this:-

070 are preimum rate numbers - beware scammers!


I then sent him a message asking him to go away (but doubt he/she will ever read it)

This is just one example of how the Internet is a ‘dangerous’ place, and shows that you need to be a bit careful about how you go about things and that goes for SEO, PPC as well as answering strange emails..