Blogging in the process by which you can really make sure that all your users and Google are totally aware of what your site is about.

Attracting more readers to your blogs

I was looking for information on how to increase blog readers and came across these useful articles. Sometimes when we post our blogs they seem to get lost in the ether and I wonder if anyone is reading them. Keeping readers or visitors to your blog site can be quite tricky as it is impossible to keep everyone interested in what we have to say. I hope you will find these articles useful in helping to attract more visitors/readers.



Promotion and advertising, and producing content people want to read. Good content and good promotion are key to creating a good blog. Your readers will flock to other blogs if yours is not producing quality content. Writing quality content is not enough, however. You need to market your site effectively so that potential readers know about it. Focusing on both facets of blogging is the way to maximize your results….More at Advice To Help Your Blog Become Successful | Web Hosting Reviews


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A little help with your ecommerce site

Setting up an online business is something anyone can do, but making that business a success is something that takes skill and hard work. Designing an ecommerce site is not just about building a website and getting it live, remember there are thousands of new websites launched every day and yours will be just one of many. You need to be proactive and target the right audience for your products. Attracting quality traffic will be an ongoing project and there are many options open to you as to how to go about it. There is no magic wand for this and much of it will be trial and error to see what works best for your site, resources and of course, your budget.

SEO and PPC are the 2 obvious methods of online marketing which when done correctly, can produce substantial boosts in traffic and conversions. However, for those ecommerce shops there are some other ways to encourage the search engine spiders and make your site more user friendly for your customers. Make sure that products are correctly named and described on your site, you can incorporate useful keywords into the descriptions as well as this will increase the chances of being found during searches.

Become active on social media networks, some of the larger search engines are using these to generate search information. It is free to set up accounts with Facebook and Twitter, they are easy to use and can be accessed from mobile devices. You might like to highlight a particular product and using social networking can get people visiting your site. This can increase your ranking on the search engine result pages.

Ecommerce success is a marathon rather than a sprint so you will need to consider and plan your long term strategy. However, if you are clear in your own mind about what you are selling and to whom you wish to sell, you will have a greater chance of success. You need to be active online with promotions, blogs and networking but make sure you monitor where your traffic is coming from so that you can see what is working and what is not.

Getting your ecommerce site built and noticed

If you run an ecommerce business it is very important that your website is well designed to encourage visitors to purchase from you and also to return. When you are considering your website there is much to keep in mind, you might be asking questions like what should the pages look like, what features should it have and what colours should be used. Something you might keep in mind is to look at a site you really admire and think about how you might match or exceed the standard set.

Do make sure you are using the up to date technology, building a website that utilizes Flash, CSS, and other updated technologies will allow visitors to view and load the pages quickly. You should also ensure that your website is visible from different hardware such as mobile devices, tablets as well as PCs and Macs. You should choose a professional web design company who is familiar with designing an ecommerce site for multiple platforms. They should be creative but also listen to your input so that they are designing something that is suitable for your business and that you will be pleased with.

Once you have your all singing, all dancing ecommerce site make sure people know it’s there. There are thousands of websites launched every day and yours will just be one in a sea of many. There are many methods of getting your site listed in the search engines, some are quick fix like pay per click and others require the long haul to get you placed high on the organic listings. Only every use white hat methods for achieving listings, black hat methods will only get you dismissed from the rankings altogether. Using social media has become popular and can be effective. Blogging and writing articles are also useful. There is no one magic bullet and you constantly have to keep being innovative to get noticed but it will be worth it as your ecommerce business finds success.

Blogging can enhance your online presence

Blogging can be great fun and can really help publicise your website. There are many platforms where you can register and blog for free, so it needn’t cost you any money, just a bit off time. It is a good idea to allow guests to comment on your blogs. This can help you form good relationships with your visitors and even other bloggers which could be helpful in the future. Don’t necessarily reject those who disagree with you, remember you are conveying your point of view which may not be the same as someone elses.

When you begin blogging, deal with one topic at a time. Don’t try to write about everything you want to say in one go, make it small bite sized pieces that people will enjoy reading and encourage them to come back for more. Blogging can be a very useful way to expand and enhance your presence online and if you enjoy writing and have plenty to discuss then you can do your own blogging. Your writing should be well thought out with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. Do not be tempted to use text speak or too much slang in your writing as this has been proven to turn people away. Write about things you are passionate about, keep the enthusiasm in your blogs. If you can include polls or surveys in your blogs, this can help engage visitors and increase traffic to your site. Include some keywords and key phrases into your blogs as these will help the spiders find your writings. If you can include pictures or images as well, these can enhance your visitors’ experience.

A few ways of obtaining backlinks

Websites, in order to do well in the search engine results, must have a good page rank. One way of getting a good page rank is by obtaining backlinks. Backlinks are the hyperlinks that link back to other websites and they are very easy to build. There are several methods for building backlinks and you will need to spend a bit of time, if you wish to do this yourself.

A simple way of getting backlinks to your own website is to comment on other people’s blogs. When you write your comments make sure you include some keywords and phrases and include your website address. Write in blogs which are relevant to your business so that there is a connection.

Writing articles is another good way of getting backlinks. You write an interesting and relevant article, include your website’s anchor text and link and then post it on an article website. Make sure you weave plenty of keywords and key phrases into your article.

Posting on forums is another good way of gaining backlinks. There are many good forum sites that you can use, again make sure they are relevant to your business to get the best results.

Writing your own blogs is a useful tool for gaining backlinks. As with the article writing, make sure you include lots of keywords and key phrases and use your website’s anchor text and link within the blog. Make the blog interesting so that visitors will return. You can use one or more of the many blogging sites that are free to use.

Blogging can really help promote your business

Blogging has become a way of life for many and for business owners, it is a great way of promoting their business, products and services. Through blogging, they can make a really positive contribution as well as impart useful information. Blogs should be interesting and friendly and should not be too pushy, people will lose interest and not return, which defeats the object of the whole exercise.

Blogging it is not just about advertising and promoting goods and services, but is also about giving visitors an interesting titbit to keep them coming back. If your blogs are interesting, people will come back and read more, this will gain trust and therefore help your business. Building connections with people is what business is all about and the higher esteem a business has, the greater its chances are for success. Using blogs gives the business owner a chance to show their knowledge particularly if they are passionate about a particular area of their business. A good blog requires well written and researched material. The piece should be properly constructed with correct grammer and punctuation. Do not use text speak or too much jargon and make sure that you can be understood easily. Make sure you weave target keywords and key phrases through your blog and use tags to help potential visitors find you. Social networking sites can be very useful in gaining more attention and traffic for your blogs and you can make use of these sites by sharing your blogs with friends and followers.

Making use of social media

Social media has become an effective and popular tool in marketing. Trying to get your company noticed is not always easy and getting an edge on your competitors is always a bonus.

Remember that social media is not designed to be complicated, nobody would bother using it if it was, so it is easy and convenient to use. This is one reason why sites like Twitter are so popular. It is very easy to set up an account, which is free of charge, and off you go! One rule to remember with Twitter though, is to engage with your followers. Have a conversation with them, give them interesting titbits, show them photos, video clips on YouTube and anything else that will encourage them to visit your website and share your tweets (or re-tweet) with others.

There are many social media networking sites and although Facebook is very popular, you should not neglect others. LinkedIn is great for professionals and business, particularly if you prefer a more personal approach. Twitter has already been mentioned, Digg is another that is worthwhile. Take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with social media sites and choose the ones that will best suit your business needs.

Blogging is a great way of getting interesting information out there. Many bloggers pride themselves on being credible and accurate in the information they provide, so having a good blog is well worth the effort. Also, if someone who has had good service from your company mentions you in their blog, this is great publicity.

Writing articles can really boost your online presence

Many more people are using the internet as a tool for their business and this can make it very lucrative if a bit of time, effort and money is spent on it. Improving your business’s Google ranking is a good way of getting your business noticed. The higher your Google ranking, the more chance you have of gaining more business. Using SEO to improve your organic ranking is the best long term solution. By using articles, blogs and such like, a good range of suitable keywords will be made full use of by the search engines thereby increasing your visibility.

Before you begin writing it is a good idea to do a bit of research on the keywords that might be worth using. Lacing your articles and blogs with a rich supply of relevant keywords and key phrases will increase the chances of your work being found by those searching. You need to ensure that your writing adheres to the search engine rules or they will never appear and all your efforts will be wasted. The content should be interesting and relevant and make sure that all your keywords and key phrases are pertinent to the subject. Don’t over use keywords or key phrases as the search engines do not like this and again your work will be dismissed.

If you are a bit over awed by all of this, help is at hand, there are many companies offering article writing and blogs so you don’t have to struggle on by yourself.


Getting your company in the search engine rankings

The internet has revolutionised how we live and how we view things. We use the internet for everything from business to having fun to getting information so it is important that companies have a strong online presence. In order to achieve a good presence the first thing you need is a good quality website, then, it is important to choose an SEO company that has had solid results and has a good track record to propel your company into the limelight.

If you are looking for a quick entry into the search engines, pay per click is the way in. Pay per click is a form of paid for advertising which enables your website to appear at the top of the search engine rankings. However, you do have to pay and depending upon your business and the search terms you wish to bid on, it can be very expensive. For instance if you wanted a search term like ‘comprehensive car insurance’ this could be very costly due to the competition in this area, whereas something like ‘green dog coats’ might well be very cheap. So it is important to consider this when planning to implement a ppc campaign. Do not be put off by this as it can be a highly effective method of advertising and increasing sales.

A common strategy for getting yourself listed in the organic rankings is to use link building and copywriting. It takes longer to get onto the first page of the search engines but it is likely to attract a good target audience and organic listings tend to be trusted.

Ugg Boots and Filter Paper Commenting Fest.

Blog commenting is a well known and used method of getting links to sites for SEO purposes, but just how effective is it really? Sure you can post hundreds (or thousands) using software or bought in services, but the fact of the matter is that unless you do it right they will

a) Not even get onto the blog as they will not be approved


b) get on, but then get removed.

This is just what has been happening to all the Ugg boot ans Filter Paper comments people have been trying to place on my blog. So, if you want to use blog commenting in your Search Engine Optimisation programme, then do so by all means, but do it right, by making sure that you are adding something to the conversation.

Good Blogging !