Case Studies

Case Studies and Testimonials

Serendipity Online Marketing has helped many customers over the years, a selection of our testimonials being shown below (with others on the right as well):-

Steve Jones 8 November 2019

Graham is a great resource who has a deep understanding of the technicalities of SEO and also the real world implications for business.

Hannah Wood 29 Apr 2019

We’ve used Serendipity Online Marketing for some years now. Graham is a pleasure to work with and always has enough time to explain anything I’m unsure of. A completely trustworthy company and worth the spend.

Caple Security 28 Feb 2019

I’d like to say a big thank you for all that you have done for Caple Security. in 2018, because of your efforts, our work increased 3 fold.

Harry 05 Feb 2019

Graham helped us get started on google Adwords and also helped build the profile of our website with positive results.

Jason Ayers 11 Jan 2019

We’ve partnered with Graham on several projects over the years and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any digital project. I’ve met few people over my (many!) years in marketing that will bend over as far backwards for you as Graham. Nothing is too much trouble at all. If there’s something he’s not totally sure about, he’ll go away and find out by using his wealth of industry contacts. I thoroughly recommend Serendipity. Keep up the good work!

Stu 09 Jan 2019

Graham and his team have been delivering Rouge top drawer SEO work and advice for over 6 years. Our website is our primary source of new opportunities and without Graham we would not have had the conversions we’ve enjoyed.

Al Hidden 29 May 2017

I’ve worked with Graham for several years now, in different capacities including supplier and client. I’ve been struck by the levels of service that he provides, his ability to stay well ahead of the ‘Google curve’, his generosity, gentle, consultative sales approach, his generosity and his integrity. It’s the mark of a professional that they are so well thought of by their clients and achieve results. I’ve introduced Graham to many of my clients and without exception they’ve been delighted with his work. He’s a gem in a field where ‘smoke, mirrors and lack of integrity’ have too often been the norm. Seek Graham’s help before your competitors do. Recommended!


We can’t mention some clients as our services were ‘white labelled’ by a web designer or another company though, so only a few are included in this section (more coming soon).

With the above in mind, you may find some companies are referred to in general terms as this customer is in fact the customer of one of our affilliates. What does matter, is that the success stories told here are true and show just what Serendipity Online Marketing could do for you.

These case studies have been chosen as they demonstrate what differences can be achieved, simply by keeping to the ‘rules’ laid down by the Internet’s Search Engines and by lots of hard, logical work. What is the goal in every case, well ultimately more sales, or sales leads, but in order to reach that point, you first need visitors.

At SOM we concentrate on increasing the traffic to a site by using the power of the Search Engines themselves. As some 85% of people use the Engines to find what they want, this offers our customers a direct root to their customers.

All we need do is to:-

  1. Find out what search terms their customers are using
  2. Change to the site so that it SHOUTS these words to the Engines
  3. Ensure that the site has enough back links (so that the Engines believe the site is worth listing)
  4. Test and Measure what works and what does not

Do You Run a Web Design or Copywriting / Marketing Business?

If you run a web design company or a marketing business and don’t have the inhouse expertise to run professional online marketing strategies, covering both the Search Engines and Social Media areas, please do give us a call.

We are more than happy to work under a ‘white label’ arrangement (this can be better as it means that the end customer has just one point of contact) or directly with them. In either case, a commission is paid, making the process a WIN WIN WIN one for the end customers, you, and Serendipity.

We can provide whatever services you need, sometimes we just ‘back up’ the already knowledgeable staff our customers employ, filling in where they don’t have the time, expertise or systems. We are very flexible and can assure you of top quality service at all times (just as we can to our own ‘direct customers’).

Some Testimonials From Our Customers

“We said we wanted to be No.1 on Google for ‘boat trailers’ and that is just what SOM delivered and quickly too !”

Andy Wyer – SBS Boat Trailers


“SOM have proven to be a great find for us, they work extremely hard and deliver what they say they will, on time and within budget.”

James Ironmonger – LearnToDream


“I have tried several SEO companies in the past, all have taken my money and then not delivered any results. Every time they said it was the ‘sites fault’ saying that they had done their best. Graham at SOM seemed to approach the matter differently, making changes to the site as well as weaving his ‘off page linking magic’. The result was a very good improvement in rankings and Traffic. It did not happen overnight, but it did happen.”

I am happy to recommend SOM.

Kevin – Owner – KMX Chauffeurs Ltd


Although we had been using Google Pay Per Click for some months our analysis of the results showed a marginal return on our investment. Also our web site had not been designed with search engines in mind and as a result our site was practically invisible in the free listings of the Search Engines. For these reasons we turned to Graham at SOM.

The results were startling, our PPC campaigns became effective and cost us less per click, and our site now dominates the engines appearing on page one for a wide range of crucial key phrases.

I am happy to recommend SOM.

David Whitehead- Contemporary

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