FREE Search Engine Optimisation Survey

Whenever a potential customer contacts us, the first thing we offer to do is a free SEO survey on their site.

We do this as it enables us to understand ‘where the site is’ in the Search Engine Optimisation cycle.

This enables to answer many important SEO related questions:-

  • What sort of keywords are working for the Competition
  • How strong is the competition
  • How good is the site’s On Page SEO
  • What is the overall strength of the site v thecompetition
  • How many links does the site have (Off Page SEO) v the competition


Google Analytics and Log Files Checked Too

Besides that sometimes we look at the Google analytics data or the log files from the server (this gives us data on the actual traffic the site is getting) as well as more indepth analysis of the competitors pages.

SEO Data Provided via Xls, PDF and Email

Once completed we provide details of the research in xls and PDF files, along with an explanatory email, sometimes we even produce a video explaining the results (this especially useful when the data gets very complicated).

We even go over all the information with you on the phone, all free of charge.

At the end of the process, you’ll be fully informed and be ready to decide whether or not you want to go down the SEO route to market your site.

This will not always be the case,  as in some instances it will not fit your plans or budget, but at least you’ll know the score and be able to make a decision based on the facts.

No Pressure EVER about SOM doing any required Work

By the way, we never pressure any one to let us do their SEO work for them, leaving it entirely to the customer’s discretion.

SOM does not just know what to do, we also know WHY we are doing it…

Search Engine Marketing without the Hype


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