A Video Back From April 2012 About Google’s Pet Penguin

Google Penguin Attacks!Google Penguin Attacks!
Google Penguin Algorithm update has changed how Google is viewing on page copy. Find out what it is, when it happened, and how it will affect you. imcoaching.org



Pinterest Software – New Information

Pinterest Marketing: New Search Functions, Bulk Image Uploads, Following, Board Scraping & More

pinpioneer.com – A more in depth overview of the latest version of PinPioneer, the best Pinterest marketing software. I talk about the enhanced search features, including board searching following and more. Along with some other Pinterest marketing things you may have missed. Tags: Pinterest Marketing Make Money With Pinterest Pinterest software Pinterest bot “Pinranker Pinpalbot PinPioneer Pinfriender Pinterest marketing

New Developments on Pinterest

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site there is, it pays to make sure you understand it well.
See this video for the New Search Functions, the ability to do bulk image uploads etc.
pinpioneer.com – A more in depth overview of the latest version of PinPioneer, the best Pinterest marketing software. I

SEO for Lawyers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Attorneys | TVS Internet Marketing
Twin Cities Law Firm: (612) 466-0010 admin@TwinCitiesFirm.com MinnesotaAttorney.com TVS Internet Marketing (800) 679-6005 travis@tvsinternetmarketing.com www.tvsinternetmarketing.com Minnesota attorney speaks with Travis Van Slooten, an SEO consultant for attorneys and law firms. Topics include common challenges faced when optimizing for attorneys, the importance of content marketing and leveraging content, how lawyers can utilize press releases and more. For a transcript, visit: minnesotasmallbusiness.com

Majestic SEO – A Great Linking Research Tool

Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO 

Interview given by Dixon Jones of Majestic SEO

The first Google Panda update for 2013

Right folks, here we go again, the first update of 2013 for Google Panda has been released. Many businesses were affected last year and for many, it has been a constant uphill struggle to remain in the organic listings or get back onto them. The theory is that around 1.2% of English speaking queries will be affected. Of course, your site may benefit from this update and you might find that competitors fall and this places you higher in the listings.

As a website and business owner, you already understand the importance of search engine optimization and how to keep on top of all the latest trends to make sure that your website stays at the top page of the major search engines. In 2012, many changes in SEO occurred, particularly with Google. Google launched their Penguin and Panda updates, which affected many different websites. Some of them were affected positively, while others were eliminated from the Internet altogether. However, the idea behind these updates was to enhance the user experience of the Internet. Google is truly the leader online for resources of products, entertainment, services, information and everything that you can possibly imagine. Although the launch of Penguin and Panda algorithms change Google’s search engine results page drastically, overall, it was for the better.

It used to be that websites on the first pages of Google were considered the most reliable and most credible. Also, any website that was considered artificial was simply eliminated from the list. This is where Penguin and Panda change SEO for the better. It works much harder to create better results for searchers, regardless of the query that they enter. What this has done, as enhanced Google’s impact on the Internet, by creating more responsible and viable query results for all searchers. Although SEO has been impacted, this is where search engine optimization writers and implementers need to stay on top of the trends and understand how Penguin and Panda affect SEO. When Panda was launched in February of 2011, there were many different websites affected because there were very few website owners that supply high quality content.

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Facebook’s new search engine

Facebook has launched a new search feature to its site. This feature allows users to search for goods, services, photos, recommendations or whatever within their social network and will provide information for users to view. The idea being that it keeps visitors on the site rather than having them switch to a search engine for information. Another benefit of this could be that companies whose products or services are being recommended will see a sharp rise in enquiries and/or purchases. If businesses can create a trusted Facebook profile and interact with followers, this could lead to a more prominent profile.

Facebook hopes you’ll use its new social search feature, Graph Search, to find everything from dentists your friends recommend in New York to restaurants they’re talking about in San Francisco. But while the tool appears to be a smart way to glean insights from your connections, experts say it is inherently limited by the amount of useful information shared within a user’s social circle or made publicly available by those outside that circle. That means it may take time—and effort on the part of Facebook users—for it to be truly useful.

Graph Search, which was announced Tuesday and is available to a handful of Facebook’s billion users, allows you to use natural-language terms to quickly search through all the people, places, images, and interests listed in your social network. It also searches publicly available information on Facebook, so a search for “Photos of Paris, France” would show more than just snapshots taken by your friends. And information from the rest of the Web is delivered through a partnership with Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Click to read on


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Engage with your Twitter followers

Social media has been gaining in popularity as a way of communicating with customers and potential customers. Making use of these mediums makes a great deal of sense as the majority of followers now use their smartphones or tablets to access these sites. Twitter can be an excellent way of engaging with people and if your business does not already have a Twitter account, what are you waiting for? It is free to use and very easy to set up. The one thing you do need to do is spend a little time every day conversing with your followers.


It’s easy for early adopters and social media enthusiasts to get caught up in the latest and greatest tool available but many companies are still seeking a basic foundation. According to Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, only 12 percent of companies surveyed felt their organizations were using social media effectively.

Exploration and experimentation are viable steps when entering social media marketing for the first time. However, the key to successful social media use is identifying how a brand will use each social channel. Once the approach is set, it’s an ongoing process of testing and refinement to achieve the objectives that will make a difference to each business. A great place to start in sorting out a process for companies is our  social media checklist which provides questions to consider before jumping head-first into the deep end of the social media pool.

For many companies, understanding the specific benefits and uses of each social media tool can be a challenge when assessing how to begin. Taking a look at one of the major channels available today, Twitter, here are some core communication fundamentals to make the microblogging service work for business. Click here to continue

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SEO is still important in 2013

It is still important to make sure your website is properly optimized for SEO. There has been a lot of talk on the internet about the demise of SEO however, the search engines do still pay attention to a properly optimized site. Choose your keywords carefully and weave them into the text. Make sure that your pages are properly labelled for instance if you are promoting pink handbags, www.domain.co.uk/index.php?123 does not really tell you what the page is about, whereas www.domain.co.uk/pink-handbags/ is much more descriptive and more likely to attract attention. It may seem obvious, but do make sure that your site is easy to navigate with buttons or links for visitors to find their way around.

When it comes to landing pages, most of the talk, tips, and advice revolves around creating landing pages for paid search. SEO landing pages, on the other hand, don’t get as much press, which is odd considering they’re twice as hard to master.

You see, unlike PPC landing pages where the lone objective is to convert, SEO landing pages must serve two masters:

  • Persuade users to take a desired action (i.e., convert).
  • Rank well and drive organic traffic.

Given the need to perform well in competitive organic SERPs (and to rank for a basket of keywords and keyword variations), SEO landing pages are typically structured much differently than a paid search landing page, with particular emphasis on longer-form content – a theme/debate cropping up more and more in SEO circles, especially since Google unleashed Panda.

Here’s a process for crafting phenomenal SEO landing pages that are optimized for search and structured to generate conversions.

Start by Determining User Intent

Topic selection for SEO landing pages is usually driven by keywords and search demand. It’s also critical to understand user intent behind those keywords and search queries.

User intent helps you figure out:


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Finding internet marketing trends

Keeping up with internet marketing techniques can be a bit tricky, particular if you are not familiar with all the popular methods. Making sure your site is well optimized, is updated regularly and uses only ‘approved’ methods will all go a long way to ensuring it remains in the organic listings. However, there are many other things that can be done to assist you in your quest and some of the predicted internet marketing trends can be found in the following articles.

A new year is coming. And with it comes a chance for business owners and marketers to evaluate what they’re doing, uncover what’s not working, and focus on the new trends that are worth their attention.

As 2013 approaches, below are five Internet marketing trends for small business owners to focus on.

internet marketing trends

Emphasis on Inbound Marketing Techniques

Whether you want to call it inbound marketing or simple diversifying your traffic, 2013 will see an increased emphasis on creating, nurturing, and converting leads through strategically placed content. The past year has been about the death of interruption marketing. Businesses can no longer expect to earn an audience by shouting at them or “interrupting” their daily activities. In 2013, earned media will become increasingly important as brands trying to insert themselves into the natural conversation happening on blogs, in social media, in forums, on Q&A sites, etc. It’s not enough anymore to purchase a Yellow Pages ad and expect that your audience will find you. Now, businesses need to do the legwork to make their brands appear in the places consumers are looking. They’ll be looking to do it via more strategic blogging, email marketing, retargeting, white papers, social activity and other methods.

Responsive Design Becomes The Norm

It’s getting harder to predict how a user will access your website. Instead of creating separate experiences for PC, mobile and tablets, in 2013 brands will look to create one experience to rule them all. They’ll be looking to responsive design. Click to continue

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