Content marketing can make a huge difference to your online marketing strategy


It is so important to grasp every opportunity that comes your way and this is particularly so when running your own business. Creating opportunities is something we can all do and attracting the right sort of visitor to your website is often the goal of many business owners. There are many ways of reaching out to your audience but you need to know who you want to attract and how to go about getting them. Making use of a small portion of the social media that is available is one way of doing this and it allows you to engage with your audience, this can increase your followers significantly and can in turn lead to more business. Here are some ideas to help you create good content for your posts, blogs and articles.

Content marketing is becoming an increasingly significant element of online marketing strategies. We’re all familiar with the saying “content is king.” But now, where we post and share our content is secondary only to the quality of the content we create.

Though it may seem like a straightforward concept (create great content and share it), content marketing isn’t all that simple.

For a content marketing campaign to be successful, a well-developed strategy is necessary — taking industry, content type, distribution channels and more into consideration. If you create web pages, blog posts, videos or other types of content online, you are considered a publisher. So, it’s time to think like a publisher when it comes to developing your content marketing strategy….More at Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Website

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Writing good quality articles


If you are unsure about how to write an article for your business, there are many opinions on the internet and you might be a little bit overloaded with information. One piece of advice I would give is that you know your subject. This will give you a distinct advantage as you will know exactly what you are talking about and can impart your knowledge to others. Here are a few useful articles that you might find helpful in your quest to write good quality articles.

The reason why more visitors get attracted to your site is because the site is ranked high in the search result page. This will increase ‘’traffic’’ to your site. Having known the meaning of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), let us know how you can write a good SEO article that can increase or web ranking in Google, Bing, yahoo etc…

Writing an SEO article is not as complicated as you see it. It is very simple, but has rules and guidelines. You need to use your common sense to produce a perfect SEO articles that will be readable for the public of this globe.

While writing Search Engine Optimization articles, bear in mind that you are writing for people who are visiting a particular website to grab information which they need. You don’t need to waste their precious time or that of your client by writing something that will not attract more visitors to the site. If you write fluff, the site will loose customers….More at How to write perfect SEO articles? | ForSEO

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Don’t let your business miss out on mobile ecommerce

At SOM, we are always advocating the necessity to adapt your ecommerce marketing so that you do not miss out on the mobile revolution. Shopping via smartphones and tablets are accounting for an ever larger slice of the market and if your online business has not adapted, you could be missing out on rather a lot of revenue. As these mobile devices become ever more sophisticated, people are doing so much more with them, including shopping for goods and services. Now might be the time for your business to have its own revolution!


In the US alone, there are 120 M smartphones and almost 60 M tablets accessing the Internet, and the adoption is growing by leaps and bounds.  IDC says that worldwide smartphone shipments will grow from 494M last year to 1.6B in 2016.  And,NPD says that tablet shipments will increase to 416M by 2017.  Combined, the installed base is enormous, ubiquitous and engaging with their owners.  Investors, marketers, and companies want to know how to tap into these mobile devices and make money.  It is an opportunity and has proven to be a double-edged sword as well.  Facebook stock has been clobbered since its IPO largely on greater use of its site on mobile devices with less ability to deliver ads.

is its own “animal” and what works varies….More at Video + Tablets: The Mobile Catalyst for E-Commerce (Watch out 


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Making your content count

At SOM we are always encouraging the use of high quality content on websites but how do you know what is good and what is not? How many keywords or key phrases should be included in each piece? How often should you change the content? These are questions we are often asked and which can have variable answers.  There is no absolute right or wrong and much of it is trial and error. However, it is important that your articles are relevant to your business, there is no point in talking about ladies fashion if your business is garden tools. Try to make your writing interesting, for instance impart some useful tips or some unknown facts.

It’s very rare that anyone prefers the packaging of an item to its contents. Consider for example, a bottle of a wine or the cover of a book—sure, what’s on the cover or label may be what initially appeals to you. But it is only when you taste the wine or read the book that you know what’s good—and what’s not. So while appearance is important, content is still king.

Similarly, in web marketing and everything on the social web, visitors read content, search engines refer to content and determine the ranking of your website. Will it be a hit or miss? The result depends a lot on your web content strategy. With this in mind, here are five perhaps obvious reasons why online content strategy has now become so important.

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Finding out what online marketing methods are hot

When you are trying to raise your online presence, it can be very difficult to know what is best to do to achieve this. How do you know what is trending and what to avoid, keeping it up with it all can be a job in itself. There is however help at hand, we have found some useful articles to help you find your way through the mire.

We are one year into a new decade and we have all seen the shift in how we market and reach consumers. In order to be efficient in marketing, it’s important to realize what will work and what marketing methods are being left by the wayside. Now, with that being said please understand that my statement of trends is broad and may not reach your specific demographic. For example, if you serve a senior market a yellow page may very well still bring in customers for you, but if your customer is under the age of 60 it’s best to put those dollar elsewhere.

This year there are five marketing methods and trends that I’ll be watching with a close eye. We’ve seen many changes over the last few years and this year will be no different. Trends and methods that I’ll be watching closely this year

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Blogging to keep your clientelle updated

For many, blogging and Tweeting is now a daily exercise but for others, neither blogging nor Tweeting is even a consideration. Businesses and individuals make use of both as a source of information as well as encouraging dialogue. Keeping your clientelle updated with all your news is important, particularly if you are planning a promotion or event. Here is some help if you are having a bit of trouble in knowing where to begin.


Social media continues to evolve at breathtaking paces.  It’s becoming increasingly challenging for business professionals to decipher which endeavours reap rewards and which merely consume unnecessary time and energy.  With so many quick and easy social media options at our fingertips, many businesses are underestimating the importance of blogging.


What is a blog?  

A blog is a website that enables individuals and companies to share their unique perspectives on the topics of their choice with their readers.  Blogs can be used for infinite possibilities.  For example, a business owner can share news about his company, a mother can share news about her family, a celebrity can share news with fans and the list goes on.

Why are blogs so important?  

Blogs are capable of delivering an authoritative voice for companies, one that showcases its values.  They provide potential customers with the ability to learn about a company through the voices of its stakeholders.  Blogs also enable customers to keep up to date about what’s new and interesting….More at Blogging for Business Success | Learn the Secrets to Online Success

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Using article marketing to share information


If you have information that you wish to pass on to customers and other interested parties, you might like to consider writing some articles. Not only will this boost your online profile but can also allow you to pass on great tips and useful information. Using articles as a marketing tool is an excellent way of not only sharing information but also for getting your message across.


You are mistaken if you believe that article marketing really is not a good opportunity. Use article marketing as a platform to expound on your company’s offerings to your customers and prospective customers. You can portray your company in a forthright and effective way without resorting to less than authentic methods. However, you need to understand what it is about article marketing that makes it such a powerful tool before you can harness it.

The headlines for your articles need to grab the attention of your readers. You will increase your chances of site visitors reading what you have to say.


Packing your online article with relevant keywords will help with the article’s promotion. Titles and meta descriptions especially need to follow this. If you use keywords in bold you will make them more noticeable. It is easy to check a site’s keywords; simply right click, and click on ‘View Source.’ ”

Writing an exciting, cliffhanger-style article summary is an effective way to entice readers into reading your entire article. Ask them questions or let them know you will deliver the information they have been searching high and low for. You will notice results when people select your articles….More at Find Out What Article Marketing Can Do For Your Business

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Harness the power of social media


There are still a great number of companies, particularly small ones that are not harnessing the power of social media. Using social media can not only help get your brand known and your message across, it can also help your business in other ways, such as recruiting staff. With so many social media sites, it is always a good idea that you choose the ones that will best suit your business.


Social Media remains wrapped in an enigma for business executives, particularly non-marketers”.

Social Media remains wrapped in an enigma for business executives, particularly non-marketers”.

As a matter of fact, Social media remains “enigmatic” for many small business owners, self-employed individuals, and marketing executives, along with many large businesses.

It’s not surprising as to why tapping into social media for businesses remains a mystery. Businesses look for sales, cash flow, and ultimately profits while building brand in due course of time. Social Media is not a channel that facilitates direct sales like a shopping store, mall, or even a mail catalogue.

The vagueness around social media stems from the fact that it’s “social”. It’s all about doing business while casual banter occurs. It’s about pushing the right pitch, at the right time, when conversations happen naturally.  Social media is where consumer behavior comes alive, in action, and ready to engage with businesses as never before….More at How To Use Social Media For Business The Right Way | Small

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Keeping up with mobile technology in your online marketing plan


Recent figures revealed that more people than ever are using their smartphones to shop online. For an online business this is great news but it also means that their site must be properly constructed to all access via mobile device. Those businesses who have not kept up with technological advances will suffer. It is also important that the site is marketed towards mobile devices so that potential customers know that you are there, ready to provide them with whatever they need.


Smartphones and other high tech devices such as tablets are growing in popularity and with this, so is the opportunity for mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing has been something of a buzz word in online marketing circles for a number of years now, but thanks to the rapid uptake of tablet devices such as the Apple iPad, the long awaited era of mobile marketing could finally be about to go stellar.

A recent study by marketing trade website Direct Marketing News found that a staggering 70% of smartphone users welcome mobile advertisements. Those who polled positively about mobile marketing want to receive adverts on their handset.

In addition to this, analysts believe that mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage by 2014. According to Ofcom, the average household now has three internet-enabled gadgets; 15% of homes have more than six. Further reports suggest that by 2014 a quarter of mobile web users will rarely, if ever, use desktop internet.

As smartphones look set to take over, it’s up to marketers to utilize these opportunities and expand their overall marketing strategy into mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is an effective and efficient way of reaching a new demographic and wider audience.  Mobile engagement between consumers and brands is fast becoming the norm. Arguably, mobile marketing produces more results at a faster pace compared to other direct response marketing campaigns….More at Smartphones take over, and so does mobile marketing | Social

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Pinterest – Useful for SEO, Yes or No?

As this interesting blog/article states, there is a lot of talk about how important Pinterest is in the area of Online Marketing. It also usefully points out that Pinterest may not be for all, and that it some cases it could just be a waste of time.

I can see their point, in that as far as getting traffic goes, the site will only really work  well in a small number of cases, in others the user base of Pinterest will simply not be interested.

However, with Google (and no doubt the other Engines) taking note of the number of times images on a site are ‘pinned’ the site may still well be useful in getting better SERPS rankings, simply because the site get’s some more points because of the higher ‘Social Media Signal’ that these pins result in.

I reckon the jury is out myself, but am taking no chances for my customer base and intend to try to use the medium for them to the best possible effect.

See the full interesting article on Pinterest and SEO

So, I’d like to take a moment to point out some scenarios where using Pinterest might not be the best choice for your brand.


  1. Your products and services aren’t visually compelling—Pinterest is all about interesting photos, graphics, and videos. Take a look at the stuff people are pinning. It’s typically pictures of pretty food, pretty clothes, pretty people, and pretty crafts. Do your products and services fit well within this visual wonderland? If they don’t lend themselves to being eye candy, maybe Pinterest isn’t right for your business.
  2. Your target audience isn’t young women—The average Pinterest user is a young adult female with a college education. Is this your ideal customer? Is this the person you want to spend your time and energy targeting? If not, why would you be on Pinterest?
  3. You’re not in the right industry—Companies who are in the fashion, food, beauty, home and garden, and arts and crafts industries tend to be the most successful on Pinterest. Again, this goes back to these companies having products that are visually appealing. If your company isn’t in one of these industries, you might want to think twice before getting on Pinterest.
  4. You don’t have time for building a Pinterest presence—If you want to build your brand with the help of Pinterest, you better be prepared for an ongoing commitment. Just slapping up a Pinterest page isn’t going to cut it. You have to spend time each day pinning interesting content and interacting with your audience. You won’t see results overnight. Heck, you might not see results for a long time, if at all. So don’t jump into this without being truly committed.

As to our Pinterest account, I intend to pin lots of images from my customers sites, all carefully tagged (see my blog on Pinterest tagging) and also intend to add some of my own photo’s to my SEO site, as this may too help in gaining traffic and SEO points.