Promote your online business with short videos

We are always encouraging you to promote your business on the internet and making use of video is an excellent way of getting your message across. Business video can be used in many different ways, it need not just be about promoting products, it can be used for giving hints and tips on how to do things, as a recruitment drive, giving information on forthcoming events and so on. Make sure you have a bit of a script which you know before filming begins. Keep it short and to the point, viewers will not want to see someone droning on and on. Here are some more ideas to help you make the most of your video opportunities.


As the online and offline worlds con­tinue to evolve and inter­act, mar­keters con­tinue to seek advice and data to ratio­nal­ize the choices they make about what kind of con­tent to pop­u­late their web­sites with.  When con­sid­er­ing online video mar­ket­ing for your busi­ness, review the evi­dence below, that shows you can increase sales and con­ver­sion rates, drive more traf­fic to your site, reduce ser­vic­ing costs, make a strong con­nec­tion between on and offline mar­ket­ing efforts, and per­haps most impor­tantly, build long-​​term rela­tion­ships with your cus­tomers.  That said, one caveat to a suc­cess­ful online media strat­egy is that qual­ity of con­tent and strate­gic deploy­ment of online video mar­ket­ing material….More at Online Video Marketing: Things you need to know | intro60 Blog

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The latest update to Google Panda 3.9

Google rolled out the latest update to its Panda algorithm. They made the announcement on Twitter which I thought quite unusual but it did get people talking. Twitter has been instrumental in information sharing for both business and social aspects. up


In case you haven’t heard, this week Google released Panda 3.9, the 14th iteration of the initial update released in February 2011. A tweet from the company stated that the update will affect roughly 1% of searches. So what do all these algorithmic updates mean? And more importantly, how can hoteliers maintain and increase their SEO performance in the wake of these updates?…More at How Can Hoteliers Stay Ahead of the Latest Google Panda Update

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Is Facebook useful for business?


Is Facebook useful for business? This is a question that many ask and there is no simple answer. Using social media to enhance business image is something that really needs an investment of time in order for it to have a chance of working. It is a great way of connecting with customers and of raising your business profile. Here are a few articles that you might find helpful.


Not very long ago, whenever we wanted to “know more” about a company or a service, the first thing we used to do was look it up online or simply “Google” it. But, now we might consider the alternate option, which is digging into the Facebook profile of the company. Facebook has become a power tool for all businesses….More at Advertising on Facebook: Good or Bad for Small Businesses


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Make sure your SEO techniques are correct

Making sure you do not fall foul of SEO techniques, particularly with the new Google algorithms where many who thought they were following the rules discovered that they need to change how they do things.


Whenever you are planning to begin an SEO campaign, it truly is essential to know the techniques employed to optimize your web site! That is due to the fact there are many SEO firms, which practice several illegal and unethical SEO techniques in their campaigns. Optimizing a website with illegal and unethical SEO techniques in their campaign is referred to as as Black hat SEO! Search engines ban websites that use black hat SEO techniques, For that reason, you must be cautious while hiring an SEO firm and verify which they are employing ethical and legal techniques!…More at Avoid Unethical Seo Techniques -black Hat Seo | talk!

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It is important to keep your tweets fresh and interesting


If you have been using Twitter to raise the profile of your business, you will know that it is important to keep your followers entertained. Sometimes it can be difficult to find things to tweet about but it is important to keep your Twitter activity fresh and interesting or risk losing followers. Here are a few ideas to refresh your tweeting.


Is your Twitter activity feeling stale?

The good news is that you can easily revitalize your Twitter experience!

….More at 16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business | Social Media Examiner


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Using Google Analytics can help you target the right audience

Making use of Google Analytics can give you so much useful information which can help you target a particular audience and increase your conversion rates. There is now even an app so that you track your data whenever you want and where ever you are.


After a year of supporting both the old and new versions of Analytics, we are now fully transitioning and leaving the old version behind. This means that as of tomorrow we’ll be removing the link to the previous version which sits at the bottom of Google Analytics pages and all your analysis will take place in the new version….More at Moving Google Analytics Forward – Retiring The Old Version


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Making the most of social media for business

We are always advocating the use of social media to enhance your online presence however, there are ways of making it work for your business and ways of making it fail. The general advice is: do not treat social media as advertising, use it to connect with your followers and invest time on them. Here are some more tips to help you get the most from your social media campaign.



Perhaps the biggest barrier to an effective social media marketing initiative is both executives trying to sell social media internally and a failure to understand just how important social media marketing is to conversion.   I could give you a lot of data about social media, it’s short shelf life, the fact that only 16% of brands facebook posts are read and the fact that engagement is down since facebook evolved to timeline but it’s much more than that. Marketers need to have a deep understanding of what they are selling (hint: it’s not product features) and understand what makes someone want to purchase their product.  In addition they need to know that just because someone purchases their product does not mean they want to have a relationship with the brand….More at How much should you invest in social media marketing ? | New


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Don’t be confused by Google Panda

We have had many enquiries regarding Google Panda and lots of people are still very confused as to what it is and how it works, so here are some articles that explain a little bit about what it is and how it works.



Google faces several difficulties from a huge quantity of haters anytime it has plans to make algorithm alterations and updates to their plans, this kind of as the google panda 3.3 update. There are always individuals who are on a mission to bring down any efforts by Google to give greater services to its buyers. For example, the newest Google panda update received a lot of criticism from people who never want modify to happen. You can understand the seriousness of this hating organization when you find guys posting their diatribes about the update even these days in spite of the fact that it was released a number of months ago….More at Why Hate The Google Panda Update?


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Using only white hat methods will ensure you don’t break the rules

There has been some concern about Google Penguin and how it might affect a website’s position in the organic rankings. Trying to find out how to avoid losing position can be quite difficult because there are so many variables. However, as we at SOM always advocate, using ONLY white hat methods will ensure that you abide by the rules and will therefore be less likely to be shunted down or off the rankings.



Google Penguin is the latest update of Google’s to make a splash on the internet. It comes after the much feared Panda release in 2011, and has been called the ‘over-optimization’ update. The question is, how will this algorithm update affect your future social media goals? Today, I’m going to discuss Google Penguin, and how it fits in with your social profile….More at How Google Penguin Will Impact Your Social Media Strategy



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How Much Should You Spend On Online Marketing?

I am often asked the question about how much does a business have to spend on Online Marketing, and it is really quite a difficult one to answer and really does depend on a better question in the first place (a bit like a Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe, you know ’42’).

The reason the question is so important is that it is the ‘way’ that you want to do your online marketing that drives the cost issues. If you choose Adwords (Pay Per Click) for example, the cost is decided by the cost of the keywords per click and the number you need in order to make a sale (conversion rate), all of course assuming you can make a profit selling via that channel and just simply not line Google’s ample pockets (there is an excerpt from an excellent article on this below).

On the other hand, if you want to get your customers via the Organic listings on the Engines, then the cost is going to be more to do with the amount of work you need to do on the site’s pages (and the content!) and the number of links you need to ‘acquire’ in order to get to that coverted first page position (for your chosen keywords).

Likewise using Social Media. This is an area fraught with issues when it comes to marketing, as you cannot just go out and ‘sell’ in this arena, instead you have to make friends with lots of people (just like Networking) and then gently introduce the fact that you could help them / sell them something. This takes time and lot of time in fact and if you chose this route then be prepared to spend a lot, if only of your time…

Excellent Article on Online Marketing

Are you promoting a product online with a finite budget? Or maybe you need to follow a measurable marketing plan at your larger company? Imagine you have $5,000 per month for online marketing – how do you go about spending this?

Boil It Down To One Customer

Let’s say, I am selling a software product for $100 per month subscription. How much would I pay for a new additional customer? In other words, if I can simply pay to acquire another 40 or 50 customers per month, what would I be willing to part with?

To answer this, you should calculate the “Life Time Value” (LTV) of your paying customer. In other words, how many months does one customer continue paying the $100? If the answer is 5 months, then your LTV is $500. Of course, to earn $500 you would not spend more than this amount on acquiring a customer.

There are lots of equations, depending on the product, to derive the ideal acquisition cost. But I believe the situation is different for everyone. For example, in venture-funded software companies, or newer ecommerce companies, folks spend an insane number of dollars to acquire customers (at first), because they are trying to capture a large portion of the market and create their brand name. In other cases, there is stiff competition in what you are pursuing, and thus you will need more marketing muscle.

However, my view is simple – you should spend what you are comfortable with. I will be chewed out by analysts and math geniuses for suggesting this approach, but I have my reasons.

Unless you have a strongly defined goal, such as, “I need 1000 paying customers to launch the phase 2 of my idea,” you should spend based on:

1.) The cash you have available for the next 12 months

2.) all other costs that you have to account for, from the $500 revenue per customer

Of course, not all costs are variable (on a per customer basis), but you should assume that you are not going to acquire 10X customers in the next couple months.

The full article, which can be found at, and is well worth reading, goes on to give some figures on PPC etc, and as I say is very much worth a read.