Writing articles can really boost your online presence

Many more people are using the internet as a tool for their business and this can make it very lucrative if a bit of time, effort and money is spent on it. Improving your business’s Google ranking is a good way of getting your business noticed. The higher your Google ranking, the more chance you have of gaining more business. Using SEO to improve your organic ranking is the best long term solution. By using articles, blogs and such like, a good range of suitable keywords will be made full use of by the search engines thereby increasing your visibility.

Before you begin writing it is a good idea to do a bit of research on the keywords that might be worth using. Lacing your articles and blogs with a rich supply of relevant keywords and key phrases will increase the chances of your work being found by those searching. You need to ensure that your writing adheres to the search engine rules or they will never appear and all your efforts will be wasted. The content should be interesting and relevant and make sure that all your keywords and key phrases are pertinent to the subject. Don’t over use keywords or key phrases as the search engines do not like this and again your work will be dismissed.

If you are a bit over awed by all of this, help is at hand, there are many companies offering article writing and blogs so you don’t have to struggle on by yourself.


A few ideas to help get your online business started

The internet plays a big part in our lives these days and most of us will purchase goods or services at some point online. If you have a great online business idea and you want to get going with it, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Build a website. You need a platform from which to base yourself and this is in essence, your shop window. Make sure your website is neat, easy to navigate and has enough information for potential customers. Don’t try to cram too much onto the pages, it will just look messy and could be confusing. Make your contact details easy to find and include your business registration number, this will help reassure potential customers that you are a bona fide business.

Merchant services. People will need to pay for their goods and you need to make this as straightforward and easy to do as possible or you may risk losing sales. There is nothing worse for a customer than not being able to progress to the checkout or complete the checkout. There are many companies offering merchant services and you will need to find what suits your business needs best.

Marketing. You need to let people know that your business exists and that it is well worth visiting. White hat SEO and PPC are the best ways of getting your website noticed by the search engines. Make sure you do only use ‘white hat’ methods as ‘black hat’ will get your site dismissed or even blacklisted. Use the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook but remember that although you are aiming to sell, you must adhere to the rules of the social media sites and also engage with your followers.

These are a few ideas to get you started, I’m sure you will have many more good ideas that will bring your online business to the fore.

Pay per click is a popular way of advertising

Pay per click marketing is a very popular and effective way of advertising your company on the internet. If done with care, it can be quite inexpensive and give an excellent rate of return. Businesses have found PPC to be very beneficial in selling their goods and services and also in making themselves known.

The way PPC works is by bidding on a list of carefully chose keywords. The advertiser decides how much they wish to pay for each click and will generally set a budget of how much money can be spent per day. This will prevent your spending from getting out of control. How much you will be required to pay depends upon the industry you are involved in, some are more competitive than others and if you can find a unique niche then you could be on to a winner.

You may be familiar with this type of advertising which is commonly known as sponsored links and are generally found at the top or down the sides of the search results page. When these links are clicked it costs the advertiser up to however much they have bid and is charged every time the advert is clicked. However, if the same user keeps clicking on the advert, you will not be charged every time. PPC marketing is now found in sites other than the search engines such as the social networks. As more people use the social networks, this is a whole new source of potential customers. Pay per click has many benefits and is an excellent way to increase traffic to your website.

Avoid Black Hat methods for rankings

We all know how important it is for business websites to be well ranked with the search engines but the methods of getting those rankings varies a great deal. However, there are certain SEO techniques that should be avoided at all costs. These are known as ‘Black Hat’ and can be very damaging to your website’s ranking on the search engines. A few of these are listed below –

Link farms are websites that offer an exchange of links. You must have a page on your website that lists links given to you by the link farm and in exchange they will give your link to others to display. This is essentially trying to hoodwink the search engines into thinking that your website is very popular with other sites.

Using throw away directories is not a good idea either as these directories are specifically set up to show lists of links which are often randomly organised and not very helpful to visitors looking for a particular business.

Be careful when using reciprocal links, the search engines view these suspiciously. Obviously, some are bona fide and you can make use of them very effectively. If you are going to use reciprocal links do make sure that the businesses you link to are related to your own business. For example, your business may offer a specific service so you could use reciprocal linking with a company that supplies goods relating to that service.

So, be careful when choosing an SEO company to get your business noticed by the search engines, always make sure they only ever use White Hat methods and you can be confident that your website will not be penalised.

Getting your company in the search engine rankings

The internet has revolutionised how we live and how we view things. We use the internet for everything from business to having fun to getting information so it is important that companies have a strong online presence. In order to achieve a good presence the first thing you need is a good quality website, then, it is important to choose an SEO company that has had solid results and has a good track record to propel your company into the limelight.

If you are looking for a quick entry into the search engines, pay per click is the way in. Pay per click is a form of paid for advertising which enables your website to appear at the top of the search engine rankings. However, you do have to pay and depending upon your business and the search terms you wish to bid on, it can be very expensive. For instance if you wanted a search term like ‘comprehensive car insurance’ this could be very costly due to the competition in this area, whereas something like ‘green dog coats’ might well be very cheap. So it is important to consider this when planning to implement a ppc campaign. Do not be put off by this as it can be a highly effective method of advertising and increasing sales.

A common strategy for getting yourself listed in the organic rankings is to use link building and copywriting. It takes longer to get onto the first page of the search engines but it is likely to attract a good target audience and organic listings tend to be trusted.

Raising your business profile online and sharing information

The internet is so important in most people’s lives these days that it is becoming increasingly more important for businesses to have a strong online presence. This will not only raise the profile of the business but make their products and services available to a wider audience. One method of raising a company’s profile is to publish articles. Articles can be published on a variety of sites and can vary in length with anything from around 200 words up. They can be on any subject but must be laced with lots of keywords for maximum impact.

There are many good quality writers if you don’t want to write your own articles and they will ensure that there is a good variety of keywords and phrases woven into the text. The keywords themselves can be as general or specific as necessary, as long as they are relevant to the subject and your business. Much depends upon the nature of your business and what your target audience is and this is something you do need to consider carefully before embarking along this particular path. It is an extremely useful tool in online marketing and when used properly, is very effective. You can also use it to give tips and advice, promote a particular area of your business or whatever interesting information you would like to impart.

Sharing useful information is one of the wonders of the internet and this could be your chance to contribute.