So who is your REAL competition?

When asked who there competition are, many website owners pick those that they are aware of, sometimes these are local, sometimes, just old ‘enimies’.

But are they right? From my point of view as an Search Engine Optimisation expert, I have a different view entirely.

My reasoning starts with the fact that when it comes to the web, you really have to think of the Search Engines, especially Google, at least in the UK. I say this, as if someone knows your name already, then they are likely to visit your site anyway. Sure they may visit the competition too, but at least they will have visited your site and given you a chance of a sale.

From my point of view ‘Competition’ means ‘those other websites that hold the rankings that my customers want’. It could be that these companies don’t even sell what my customers sell, but that does not matter if they have a good position for a keyword that looks like it could work for my customer.

This makes a big difference to who the real competitors are and can change the entire picture.

But besides those other sites that are occupying the positions my customer wants on ‘normal’ searches, there are those that appear when people use geographic terms (or are on a mobile device that defaults to giving local sites). This group includes Google Places, but also those sites that have targeted these local terms, either by good management or chance.

All in all then, your real competition can come from 4 sources:-

  1. Your known competitors
  2. Those sites that have good rankings for the keywords that you want
  3. The sites that come up in the listings for ‘geographic terms’
  4. The sites listed in Google Places

This all puts a totally different spin on the term ‘Competitor’ I think you will agree