Rankings and the traffic they bring are not enough

Many people think that making money on the Internet is as easy as 1 – 2  – 3.

After all, so their reasoning goes, all I have to do is

  1. Have a good product or service
  2. Create a website that will sell these goods or services
  3. Get traffic to the site via Rankings on the Engines or some other way (Although if the truth be known, many do not even consider this a requirement, thinking that the traffic will just come in by itself – See our video on Marketing & Mousetraps)

Well the fact of the matter is that for many sites, especially those want to sell online, that there is another mountain to climb. This mountain concerns the matter of trust, for when you are wanting someone to give you money, they must have enough trust in you before they will be willing so to do.

One sure way to throw away any trust is to have a site that looks out of date or when it has a ‘Contact Us’ page that does not work. If a potential customer sees either of these they are likely top get worried.

This was the case when I was looking to buy a toy tank on the web. I found one that looked OK, however the site’s blog had not been updated since 2009 and then the ‘contact page’ did not work. Sure the Paypal link still worked, but would using that do anything other than give my money to someone, someone who I might have great trouble in getting my money back from?

As this was one of the few places to get this item, I perservered and thought I’d look to see if there were any reviews of the site or comments about the service. There was nothing, not a comment to be found on the web.

Having seen all this I dedcided to steer well clear of the site and hence they did not get the order (mind you they might not be there anymore anyway).

Such things could happen to any site IF it does not work correctly or if there are no reviews or comments abouth them anywhere on the web. For me, the total absence of ‘noise’ on the web was more concerning than some negative comments.

I don’t know if I am in a minority here, but I think not, as in my view people want to KNOW that they are dealing with a REAL business and that they are likely to get GOOD SERVICE.

So make sure your site works and GET some NOISE about your site on the Web…

My Fame and Fortune Day!

Are Fame and Fortune about to be mine?? Well I do wonder after the last week. It certainly was a busy time, not to mention all the ‘compliments’ I received regarding my level of knowledge on Search Engine Marketing and Social Media.

It all started with a phone call from a Marketing student who wanted to interview a local (to Hereford) specialist in Social Media. Emma, for that was her name, was in her final year in college and was studying Marketing, with a hope of moving (excuse the pun) into the Estate Agent / Property business.

I agreed to meet her in Hereford for a coffee and a chat. However, just as I was leaving I got another call, this time from a business in Hereford who wanted someone to help them boost their Organic traffic on Google. I offered to see them after my chat with Emma, and they agreed. So I had two meetings to go too, one to help someone else and hopefully one where I and my customer would both benefit.

The meeting with Emma went very well. Over a very nice coffee in Nero’s (as I said to the last person I met there, I’ll bring a fiddle, you bring a match) in Hereford (not Rome unfortunately) I explained how at SOM we used Social Media for our clients.

The Old World and the New

I was at pains to explain that we did not know it all, and that we were really just taking the first steps into the area, using Blogs as the ‘bridge’ between the ‘old world’ of Search Engine Marketing and the ‘new world’ of Social Media Marketing,.

Emma asked a few questions, but mostly, I answered them without the need for a prompt, and at the end Emma pronounced that she was very happy and that I had covered all her questions (and more). I even gave her some tips about the things she could do now to impress any future employer.

I was then off to my next meeting. That was quite typical, in that the prospective customer had a website that needed more traffic, had been bombarded by countless ‘We can get you to Number 1 on Google’ phone calls that he did not want (or believe) and who was seeking to create a relationship with a SEO / SEM company that they could trust and who was local (a lot of people like dealing locally).

That meeting went very well and hopefully, when we get time to discuss the results of the free survey on the ‘health’ of his SEO we will be given the job of improving their traffic levels.

I’m going to write another Blog about the compliments we received in the week, as one of them was really quite enlightening and deserves a post of its own.

More soon


Just how long is that piece of Social Media String?

One of the questions any business gets asked is “How much will the job cost?” and in some cases the answer is “How long is a piece of string?”, at least that is until the job is better specified.

With Social Media however, it seems to me, from my experience in the area so far, and from my discussions with other professionals, that you could in theory spend an infinite amount of time building and maintaining your Social Media presence.

As with anything there must be a point at which further investment would not pay its way, however, I for one, at the moment at least, could not point to any particular level and say ‘enough’, much more time is needed before I could be that definite.

So for now, that piece of string is the length that the customer can afford.

Integration With Facebook Business Page

The world of Social Media is one that no business can afford to ignore. At the very least they need to have a look at what it can offer and then decide for themselves if it is going to be worth the effort.

From a Poll I ran recently, I can tell you that most business people think that Facebook etc is worth the effort, however, that was said about Blogs too, and the number of those that have ‘died the death’ of not being updated are beyond count.

So, at SOM we are turning more attention to Facebook and will report back later.