Good Website Content – Whose Job is it?

I have worked on many many websites over the years, and one thing that seems be common (at least for the most part) is that the designers come up with a really good looking site, one that sets the brand up and all that, all in all a very good ‘visual’ job being done.

However, once the visual picture has been painted, they seem (in the most part) to stop, and say to the customer, “OK now give us the copy”, or even “Here are the access codes to the CMS, you can now fill the site up with the words”.

I am asking “Is this the right approach?” saying this as in my experience, even though a business owner knows ‘his onions’, they often cannot put this knowledge into words, or at least words that impress the visitor (or the Search Engines for that matter).

What do you think, should the designer write the words (after ‘getting to know the business in depth’ or employing a copy writer to do this) or is it the job of the website owner to get it right, or indeed, is it the job of the SEO expert (if engaged) to re-write the words to both impress the visitor (the most important) and the Engines (of secondary import).

Any views appreciated