Facebook Community Group set up today

Getting your message out there is what Social Media Marketing is all about and one sure way of helping this is to get a Facebook Community page going.

So we have….

See http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Search-Engine-Social-Media-Marketing-Tips/137724582954936

See You There!

Google Analytics in Trouble in Germany!

Germany has been at loggerheads with Google in the past about privacy issues and it appears they are at in again, this time Analytics being under fire.

Germany privacy officials are concerned that users IP address are being followed and that some say there should be illegal.

Click to see more about this ‘Google Analytics‘ story:- http://searchengineland.com/german-govt-says-google-analytics-now-verboten-61109

You Can’t Teach an Old Blog New Tricks – Or Can You?

Sorry for the terrible pun (and I do hope our canine friends will forgive me), but I just could not resist the idea. I expect it has been used before (although it was not coming up in Google) but whatever, I thought it was worth another airing.

But Can You Teach A Blog New Tricks?

I don’t know how many blogs you have looked at, but I’m afraid to say that the death rate is quite high, many blogs simply not being updated. The main reason for this I’m sure is lack of time, but I also imagine that a fair number are not kept up to date as people think that they are not being looked at.

Of course the problem may be that the content is poor, but it could also be the fact that not enough people are aware of the blog in the first place. Here the issue will be lack of marketing, some blog owners not even ensuring that their blog ‘pings’ the networks to tell of a new post. Also, not all make use of Twitter or Facebook to spread the word about new content.

So, if an ‘old blog’ is not using either pings or Social Media, then you can certainly teach it a new trick or two.

But there is MORE, much MORE that can be done…

Watch this space for more tips and tricks and make 2011 the Year of Your Blog!

Testing Times !

Blogging is all about making the best possible use of all your ‘words of wisdom’ and that means taming the technology to do your bidding.

This post is to see if the taming has started..