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Do you want to make your website more effective?

Is it bringing in all the leads and sales it could?

The first step is to increase the number of visitors, as putting it simply, the more visitors you have, the greater a chance of an enquiry or sale.

Let us locate the issues that are stopping your site performing as you would want, fix them and make all the changes needed, all with minimum effort on your part.

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Serendipity – We Give Your Business EXTRA Chances To SELL !

For An Example of How We Have Helped – See the Caple Security Case Study – 600% increase in traffic and 300% increase in sales!


Both these pathways to success start with a detailed audit on your site, it being impossible to fix the problems before you find out what is wrong.

Analysis and Report – £149

This is an excellent choice when you want to find out why your website is not creating sales or enquiries, whilst also showing if your current (or previous) SEO company really is or did do, a good job or not.

What You Will Discover

There are many things can stop a site from getting the Search Engine rankings needed to bring in business, whilst the layout of the site – the User Experience – can also cause issues.

Here are just a few:-

Poor use of Meta Titles and Descriptions

Not enough text / use of target keywords in copy

Insufficient links – Google needs to know a site is trustworthy.

This detailed report covers these and MANY more, factors and provides you with a list of items requiring attention.You can then work on these yourself, or pass the report to your web designer or SEO company. And if you don’t have either of these, then we can assist there too.If you prefer the DIY approach, why not add our DIY SEO package?

  1. SUCCESS ROUTE ONE – DIY SEO and Training Package – £349 This option suits the small business owner who has the time to sort out the issues on their site.This training covers the ways the majority of the problems identified can be fixed (you may still need help from a website designer), detailed easy to follow instructions in PDF and Video form being provided.Plus, included in this package are 2 hours of consultancy / work on the site, this ensuring your success.
  2. SUCCESS ROUTE TWO – DONE FOR YOU SERVICE The good news – Customers taking this route get the Analysis and Report – and all the consultation that went with it, TOTALLY FREE

The GREAT News..

Well this is the ultimate package, allowing the business owner to concentrate on their core activities whilst we fix all the issues found on their site. There will be times where you will have to OK changes, like on the copy (and where the website design needs to be altered), but overall, the amount of your time needed will be minimal.

The initial costs vary from £500 to £1,500, this being confirmed after the Analysis report had been fully discussed. If extensive changes to the site are needed (this is rare but does happen) then this too would be covered and the price to fix confirmed by one of our associated web designers, if yours cannot handle the alterations needed.

The Ongoing costs vary tremendously depending on the target market place and the level of content production that is required. However, these normally fit in the £400 – £1,000 per month range.

Full reports are produced and a monthly online meeting is included.

This package is recommended for those busy business owners who ‘want the job done’ but don’t have to the time to do it all themselves, or have the inhouse capable of carrying out the technical procedures involved.

To discuss how we can help your website make a REAL Difference to your Businesses Bottom Line 

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Reducing the Costs of Pay Per Click

Adwords can be a really useful tool when you want to drive traffic to a site. But you need to select the right words to ‘bid’ upon, and then build the campaign in the correct manner, breaking down the words into groups and associating these with the right Advert and Landing Page. Then, you have to monitor the PPC campaign closely to see which words produce the desired results, changing things to see what works the best. It is a sad fact that most Adwords campaigns are not set up and monitored correctly, with a lot money being wasted in the process.

Organic Lisitings – Get The Rankings Your Site Deserves

Online Marketing Award 2019

Online Marketing Award 2019

If you want Quality Traffic to your site then you need to make sure it is ‘attractive’ to the Search Engines, in short your site’s pages need to be ‘optimised for the Search Engines’. This entails laying the pages out in the manner in which they expect, putting the target words in the right places so that they can be easily found and are recognised as being important. The whole process (should) starts with thorough, detailed Keyword Research, the purpose of which is to identify the words that are used on the Search Engines in a market area. The selected these words (these being chosen as the ones most likely to convert) can be woven into the site (using a process of ‘reverse engineering’ the current top ranking pages) and the task of Off Page (link building) optimisation commenced.

Conversion Rates – Your Site Not Converting?

Is your site getting lots of traffic, but not making any sales or producing any leads? There can be a whole host of reasons for this, the first step being to examine the Analytics for the site (including Google’s Search Console) so that a picture of what traffic the site is getting can be built up. Then the performance of the pages can be assessed, questions like ‘How long do people stay on a page’ and ‘Where do most people exit the site from?’ being asked and answered. Issues like the correct matching of Adwords campaigns to Landing Pages are also assessed. It may even be necessary to go one step further and have some independent ‘User Testing’ in order to see whether people can navigate the site and indeed ‘get the message’ you are trying to put across.

Social Media Optimisation – Increasing Targeted Traffic

Social Media is all the buzz these days and for good reason. Used the right way Social Media can both increase SERPs rankings and traffic, not to mention the level of conversions.

We have now forged links with some Social Media Experts – More Later

Reputation Management – Got an Online Reputation Problem?

The Internet is indeed a powerful weapon, and used in the wrong way for malicious purposes can cause businesses real problems. Whether it is Social Media or the Google Suggestion box we can help.

Google Analytics – What is Working and What is Not?

Google’s free Analytics offers a whole host of information to the website owner, perhaps too much? That is why we offer services based on helping people understand what is going on on their site.

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