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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - Herefordshire & West Midlands

How will your website attract Google and other search engines? Whilst having a good design is important and rich content is paramount, there are other matters that you will need to consider if you are to get the very best from your web presence. SOM offers specialist SEO Services in the West Midlands UK.

Reducing the Costs of Pay Per Click

The secret of using pay per click is building your campaign the Right way, then bidding on the Right words, in the Right way and then keeping a very close eye on what works and what does not.

Organic Lisitings – Get The Rankings Your Site Deserves

If you want Quality Traffic to your site then you need to make sure it is ‘attractive’ to the Search Engines. In reality, these are simple beasts, so you need to know how to ‘talk’ in their language.

Conversion Rates – Your Site Not Converting?

Is your site getting lots of traffic, but not making any sales or producing leads. There can be a whole host of reasons for this, but to get the best out of your site you need to find out what is going wrong.

Social Media Optimisation – Increasing Targeted Traffic

Social Media is all the buzz these days and for good reason. Used the right way Social Media can both increase SERPs rankings and traffic, not to mention the level of conversions.

Reputation Management – Got an Online Reputation Problem?

The Internet is indeed a powerful weapon, and used in the wrong way for malicious purposes can cause businesses real problems. Whether it is Social Media or the Google Suggestion box we can help.

Google Analytics – What is Working and What is Not?

Google’s free Analytics offers a whole host of information to the website owner, perhaps too much? That is why we offer services based on helping people understand what is going on on their site.

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